Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hearing God - April 25, 2013

Dreams from last night:

A large burning - meteor like ball in the dark sky

I was at church and my pastors wife came up to me and said she wanted to come over and look at my yard.  Because someone said, they would not let their "family" member come back over...???

I am buckling in a small four year old child into her car seat, I am shocked that her breasts are huge and sticking out of her tank top shirt through the arm holes (they are large adult size breasts) I am stunned by this...

I am in a park area and the little girl with the large breasts is coming up to me, I bend down on my knees to tuck her breasts back into her shirt and tell her to keep these covered, because if they get pinched it's going to sting like sunburn, she nods her little head and goes off to play.  Her mom says "They ( her breasts) make her look soo overweight"

My pastors wife is in my yard and it's getting dark, she is by the pool and I ask her how does it look, she said fine.  I start talking about the water being cloudy, but it was clear.  She says her and her husband just came by to see (her husband is waiting in the car) me and my husband walk with her to the car, a small gray car.  She starts getting into the passenger side as my pastor wakes up, he was asleep in the passenger side and starts to wake up and move over to the drivers side, somehow my husband gets stuck in the drivers side and tells me "I need some help" (basically to get out of the car) I pull his arm and he gets out, then my pastor slides into the drivers seat and several white envelopes fall out to the ground - they are bills.  I bend down to pick them up and my pastor and his wife both exclaim about how much gray hair I have.  I tell them I am older than I look, and I have a hair appointment on Friday to dye it...

That's all I can remember - but I wanted to write it down since I have not remembered any dreams in quite a while.

Note:  Scenes kept changing rapidly in succession, I skipped lines to indicate scene changes

The Lord began to interpret the dreams:

The fireball in your dream is a meteor that is coming to the earth.

 I am about to release a prophetic anointing on you in dreams.  I am opening up the seer anointing in you.  This is another level for you in Me.  Do not be alarmed or concerned by what you see.  Pictures are symbols, bring everything you see to Me for interpretation and explanation.

  The large breasts on the child are for suckling and feeding - man is nourished at the breast - I am releasing My revelations upon the children.  Pay close attention to what My children are saying, now is the time for Me to pour out My spirit on all flesh - your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

  The pastor asleep is the Church leader asleep - he should not be your teacher,

your husband gets "stuck in the vehicle with them "the church" and cannot lead - he needs your help - he is not your teacher,

 the bills represent lack, you will not have what you need if you trust in them,

 your pastors commenting on your gray hair, are the mockers - they will tell you you are not hearing from God, BUT YOU ARE !!!  Don't listen to the mockers.

 Stay with Me child.  TRUST Only Me.

  I am your teacher and guide.

 Keep coming child, draw even closer to Me.  I am unlocking the doors.

 The childs mothers comment on her breasts - people will not recognize the anointing I am pouring out on the children !

  They are set apart and look different !


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