Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hearing God - May 3, 2013

Don't imagine anything.  That is the devil trying to gain a stronghold of fear in you, cast him down and out of your thoughts.  Cleave to Me child.  I do not bring fear.  As the days tick away, stay close now, cleave to Me.  I am here, I will show you the way home.  I will teach you My Ways.  Believe only in Me.  TRUST Only in Me.  I will guide you through all your difficulties.  I am your waymaker.  I do not slumber or sleep.  Nothing catches Me by surprise, I know all.

 There is none like Me.  Trust no one, only Me.  Be careful who you listen to.  Shut off all mockers and scorners.  I speak to you in Truth.  You hear Me because you are willing to hear.  You have made yourself available to Me.  You are prepared to listen, you have trained your ear to hear.  I speak all the time, but, too few listen.  My faithful ones are prepared for what's coming.  The others are not.  They have chosen another way.  They want an easy path, where they can do their own desires.  So be it, they will be without excuse.

 My Ways are not hard.  But, you must yield to Me and My perfect will for you.  I alone know what's best for you.  Trust Me child, TRUST ONLY in ME.  Many will come and try to deceive you.  You must discern the TRUTH in all things.  If you are not sure ask Me child.  Lift your voice to Me, I will hear you, I always hear you.  I listen to every word you say, nothing escapes My ear.  Cleave to Me child.  Do not stray or forsake My path.  Stay in My Rest.  Stay in My Peace.  Stay close, under the shelter of My wing.  I have kept you hidden in Me.  I alone am your refuge.

  Do not be alarmed or dismayed at what comes now, Just TRUST Me, I will never leave you alone.  The devil is a deceiver and will try to deceive by lies and fear, he will try to manipulate your mind.  The battle field is in the mind, do not give him a place, foothold or stronghold.  You must discern, recognize his tricks and schemes, and cast them down and out.  Focus on Me child, let Me lead, do not try to lead yourself, let Me lead, Trust Me child.  I will never leave you.  You're safe in Me.  You're protected in Me.  You're provided for in Me.

Take Me with you, everywhere you go, Remember, I must be invited in to participate with you through out your day, I am here, but you must invite Me into your daily life.  Live in Me, the best is yet to be.  Behold, I come, stay alert, Be watchful and mindful of Me.  My eyes are ever upon the earth, I see all that is transpiring and it grieves Me to see all the evil and sin being done on the earth.  It is time to clean up and remove the trash.

 It is time to reign in holiness.  I will arise and come out of My temple.  I will cleanse My land as I have been cleansing My people.  I will restore harmony, I will restore peace, I will restore health and wholeness and there will be no lack for all My True followers.  My True children will be provided for and live with Me, they will not know fear.  For in My presence there is peace and joy and love.  They shall live with Me in abundance.  I shall cover them with kisses and restore them to wholeness.  There shall not be one sick or feeble among them.  For I am El Shaddai and I will provide for My own.  Trust Me child.

Beautiful days are ahead.  I have great and glorious plans for you.  You are Mine, and no one or thing can pluck you out of My hand.  I love you child, I go before you, and I walk beside you, and I am your rear guard.  You have nothing to fear.

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