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Hearing God - May 4, 2013

I love you My child.   It pleases Me that you are here.  I am watching over My children closely now.  I am examining their ways and their hearts.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  You must be careful in your walk with Me.  You must endeavor to walk in holiness before me and love.  You must love, you must! My ways are not your ways, you must learn My ways, and be diligent in imitating them.  You must live out My TRUTH.  It is an outward sign, a manifestation of My indwelling in you.

 Your words were not all clean yesterday, this is your flesh and it must be overcome.  Only you can overcome your flesh.  Repent of your ill-spoken words and be thankful that I put a check in you to prompt you not to speak further, you should have recognized Me quicker in your speech.  I was there and I heard every word.  Repent.  Set a guard that is not asleep at your mouth gate.  This was a test, and you failed.  Repent.  Remember, I test, test, test, My true children.  Be ready for another test, it's coming, and a lot of your tests will be over what words you allow to come out of your mouth.

  Remember, it's not what you put into your mouth that defiles you, it's what you allow to come out of your mouth that defiles you.  Yes, I heard you My child, and I have cleansed you from your sin yesterday.  Be quick, immediately Repent, I require swift obedience in these days.  For obedience is better than sacrifice.  Your swift obedience shows Me that you are truly submitted and yielded to Me.  Thank you for your gift of obedience child.  When I correct you, be quick to Repent, this is your safety valve, it will allow Me to purge your vessel of any unrighteousness so that it does not gain a foothold on you and start to root itself into you.

  There is much to learn about Me and My ways.  Be diligent in your pursuit of Me.  These are the last days on earth as you know it.  I am doing a new thing and it is marvelous in My eyes.  I will come for you My Bride, stay alert, stay clean, come before Me often and Repent, don't hold anything back from Me now child, let go of everything and seek to follow Me.  We are gaining ground now, and We are gaining altitude as We ascend into greater realms of glory.  My heart is full of love today.  My eyes behold you now My love, My dove, close your eyes and let Me cover you with My kisses.

Vision:  We are in the garden and I am seated on a rock, the garden is the same one that I have seen before I think, lush and green.  I have on a white robe or gown and Jesus comes behind me and He is wearing a long white robe with a blue sash/belt.  He places His right hand on My right shoulder, and bends and kisses the top of my head.  Then He comes and kneels down beside Me (I'm still sitting on the rock, just watching Him) He picks up my right hand and holds it, He leans into my face and is quiet, and nuzzles me with His face, just a gentle caress, His face to my face and He stays there for awhile, then He slowly gets up and walks away, I ask Him not to go, He turns back to me and says "I will be back" and walks away....
vision ends

It's a beautiful thing to behold how you listen.  I love you My little one, My dove.  I can do much with a willing heart, one who is willing to hear is a thing of beauty.  A treasure beyond measure.  I will reveal much to you My dear.  For you truly want to hear.  As you have set your heart to seek Me, you shall surely find a multitude of blessings.  I will pour out My spirit upon you, and you shall prophecy for Me.  Do not hold back, it's coming wait for it.  My gifts to you are without repentance.  You must obey all that I command of you.  Do not hold back.  Time is short.  The Kingdom will advance, the Kingdom is calling for your allegiance, will you answer the call child?  Will you heed My unctions.  Will you warn My people of the impending danger and perils of going their own way, without a guide. I require much of you My child.  Be ready, Behold I come and you must answer the call.  You have been seeking Me and now I will seek you.  Get these words up on your blog, be diligent to complete this for Me, for many will receive My words through this.  This is not just for you, I am calling all of My children that will hear to come, come to Me now, time is short, DO NOT DELAY, Behold, I come.  Now is the time to answer the Call, Behold, I come.

Do you hear the train?  Do you hear the hounds outside your door?  Be ready to board the train, your departure is imminent.

Shelter under My wings, stay hid in Me, the hounds of hell have been released.  Be ready to war - stand fast - Be ready.

 There is a beauty in holiness child, there is nothing like it, it glows.  Open your eyes child, you've seen this in children, you've seen this in others.  My light is a candle that lights up the soul.  True beauty comes through Me.  As you allow Me access to tinker with your inner workings I am enlarging the flame inside of you.  This flame will never be extinguished.  For I am the one who has lit your flame.  I am your source.

  I am well pleased with you child, your growth is proficient and excelling daily now, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  We will soon be on our journey home.  It won't be long now.  Stay covered and hid in Me, do nothing that I do not tell you to do.  Make no changes, that I do not tell you to .  Your life is in My hands and I, only I, direct your path.  Much change is coming.  Do not go out ahead of Me, make no changes without Me telling you to.  Do not move your daughter from her school, she is needed there, I am doing a work in her now, I am dealing with her pride.  She is a light for Me and I will never let her go.  I am using her to be a light, a candle - she is set apart for My purpose.  That is why she feels separated and shunned, the light in her repels the dark in others, but the foundation in the class, the standard I have set is in her.  She must walk this path.  This is the course I have set her on.

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