Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hearing God - May 2, 2013

Many will come seeking Me, but they will not find Me, for they are seeking Me through mans ways and doctrines.  To find Me they must come through My Ways.  Be still before Me for I am everywhere, listen for My still small voice within you, focus on Me and you will find Me, I am not far from My creation.  But, I will pass you by if you are not willing to hear.

My dear one, make yourself available to Me more and more as you see the day approaching.  Hide yourself in Me.  Drink deeply from My well.  Eat Me constantly and I will open unto you My deep and great mysteries.  How often do I come to you child and you do not hear?  I am faithful to come.  As you are faithful to come I speak more to you.

 Keep your heart pure before Me.  Seek Me for the absolute truth in all things.  Behold, I come.  I must find you ready My dear one, stay close to Me now, ever so close.  DO NOT FEAR what is unfolding before your eyes, I have warned you before hand.  TRUST ME child, I will protect and provide for you.  My light is in you.  Watch your words carefully.  Do not lie, do not be deceived, repent when I reveal these things to you.  Repent quickly, for I see all of you, I see your thoughts and intentions.  I chastise and correct those that I love.  As you repent, I cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  I will lay bare all your iniquity.  TRUST ME, I am doing a great work within you.  Not many come to Me and truly submit and yield to My candle, not many ask to be searched and cleansed, but you have, and I am pleased with you.

 Your heart is pure before Me.  You are humbling yourself daily to Me and allowing Me to examine and reveal the hidden things inside of you.  You are quick to repent and allow Me to purge you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  You have placed your life in My hands and I will always protect and provide for you.  Deep calls to deep.  I have called you and you have come.  Continue to seek Me with your whole heart and lean not on your own understanding.  TRUST ME in everything you encounter.  Stay humbled and sheltered under My wing.  I will allow nothing to harm you.  I am your source.  I WILL provide.  I WILL never leave you alone.  I am here for you child, for you are Mine and I love you..  I will come quickly for you My child, stay alert, be ready and prepared, do not let your oil run out stay full of oil.  I will rejoice with you soon My Beloved dove.  You must seek to know Me and to understand My Ways.  You are learning much, but there is so much to learn.

Stay diligent in your pursuit of Me.  The more you learn of Me the stronger you grow, and the bigger I become in you.  My light in you is strong, My little one.  Listen to the unction of My Ruach Ha Kodesh, get your concordance when you are prompted and do a deeper study of My word.  I will reveal much to you as you endeavor to learn more about Me.  I will uncover My Truth as We examine the layers.  All of My word is wrapped and wound tightly together in layers of TRUTH.  I will reveal this to you as We examine My word together.  I love to reveal My TRUTH to every heart that truly seeks after Me, to know Me and My Ways.  I will not hold back from the diligent heart, No, I will not hold back, for I will surely come and reveal My hidden Manna to the truly hungry.  Much Truth will be given to you as you seek me with your whole heart.  Do not wander from My path child, stay close now My little one.  Stay close.  Our journey is just beginning and will never end.  You will live with Me forever and I will reveal greater and greater mysteries to you.  My Beloved, Behold, I come.

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