Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hearing God - April 28, 2013

You are hearing nothing because you are not listening.

I am listening to your thoughts.  I am here child, I am always here.

 Quiet your mind, control the wandering, the wandering in your thoughts is a tactic of the enemy to draw your attention away from focusing on Me.  He will throw everything he can at you to keep you from seeking after Me.  He will cause the thoughts in your head to come and go "roaring" through your head to take your focus off of Me.  Did you notice that your thoughts kept jumping back and forth from things that happened yesterday, conversations, etc. these are tactics of the enemy, sly, cunning and deceptive to try to pull you away from Our quiet time together.

 When you set your mind to come after Me with your whole heart, you become a target for the enemy.

 I have already warned you, but do not be afraid, as long as you are sheltering in Me you are protected.  This is why I keep cautioning you to stay close, very close to Me now.  Nothing can harm you when you are with Me and carry Me with you through out your day.  I am your shelter, your hiding place.  I love you My child, I will always protect you.

 You are the apple of My Eye.  The true Israel.  Your heart is sold out to Me.  You are surrendered to Me.  Read My word today.  Sink deeply into My word and let it wash over you.  I love you.  

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