Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hearing God - April 30, 2013

I am here child.  I have much to teach you, but you haven't spent much time in My word.  You need to be full of My word.  You need to be full of My word, it is a part of Me, ask Me to open up My word and give you understanding.

 I am the TRUE creator of all things, nothing is impossible for Me.  Beware of fake imposter's of Me.  Keep your eyes and ears opened and attuned to Me.  I alone am your teacher, no one else.  People are created in My image, there is none like Me.  I alone know the beginning and the end of man.  Each life belongs to Me and I will use it as I see fit.  Some to honor, and some to dishonor.  All life is Mine.  I alone choose to extend it or snuff it out.  No one can tell Me what to do.  I am the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and there is no other.  Nothing can compare to Me.

  As yo study Me and My Ways, and as you draw close to Me I will reveal Myself to you in marvelous ways.  I make known who I AM to all who truly seek Me.  I am the Pearl Of Great Price.  I am the Living Vine.  I am the I AM.  There is no lack in Me.  There is nothing that can hinder My plans, I alone know what I am doing, "everything" else just watches in awe and wonder as I move and act.

 My Mighty Wind and Fire is coming.  I will come and thresh the wheat on My Threshing Floor.  It shall be gathered and kept, while the tares burn.  My Ways are not your ways child.  Lean not on your own understanding.  TRUST ME in everything.  I will keep you, for you are Mine.

 I see you child, do not doubt that I see you.  I am here with you, you are never alone.  Watch how you respond in every circumstance, for these are tests for you to endure and you are being monitored by Me and My Staff.  We are inspecting your fruit when you are squeezed.  I have put people in your life to test, shape and mold you into My image.  Difficult people are good for you, they show you where you are weak, and lacking.

To truly love you must take up your cross and follow Me, love your enemies, do good to those that despitefully use you.  Be kind, do not return evil for evil, or harsh words for harsh words.  Forgive immediately, do not hold onto grudges.  Love is a choice, life is full of choices.  You choose, but you must live with your choices.  Follow Me, I will show you the way of love.

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