Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hearing God - March 12, 2014

Dream:  I was sitting with my mom talking on a back porch, with grey white washed buildings on the property and overgrown grasses in the yard, and I was missing her in my head.  I was taking apart the fabric seat on a large, old, comfortable rocker.  I said "I love this rocker and I'm going to keep it", mom said she didn't remember ever buying it, it's just always been there.  I notice there are Winnie the Pooh figures staked out in her garden plots, and a Wiley coyote too.  I remember thinking maybe I should keep those too, to remember her by.  Then I was awakened by the Lord.

He said "She is with Me now.  Don't worry over her.  She spends most of her time in the garden."

Today is an unusual day child, much is happening in the spirit that you don't see.  Consider and observe the wind.  I am moving across the land now.  I see all that is transpiring and I will reward all of My children and prodigals.  Do not worry, you are exactly where I want you to be at this time, fully resting in Me.  Fully secure in My protection.  Fully Trusting in My love.  Dwell in My love and carry My love with you My dear one.  Walk in My love.  Shine, child, shine.  You are an ambassador for Me, a living example of Me and My love.  As you move freely about your day, pay attention to who you encounter.  These are moments that I have placed before you to impart Me into the atmosphere and the lives of others.

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