Friday, March 28, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 25, 2013

If you want to hear from Me child, you will always hear from Me.  As you seek Me you shall find Me. As you search out My ways, My will, My plan for your life, it draws you ever closer to Me your God and Father.  I am never far from you.  I am here.  I never leave you.  My eyes are upon you always.  I am always thinking upon you.  You are My treasure and I love you.  As you come and wait upon Me, it's an outward expression of your love for Me.  It's a manifestation of your heart.

As a man speaks, shows what's in his heart.  You are fair My love.  You don't doubt My love for you.  You are secure in Me and that pleases Me.  You are willing to throw away all the old doctrines you have grown up on and fully allow Me to teach you, this pleases Me child.  Learning of Me is a lifelong journey.  Allowing Me to express Myself through you takes a submitted heart and soul, and spirit.  Allowing Me to change and mold you into My image is a manifestation of a humble spirit.

 You are learning how to walk in the mantle of humility and this pleases Me.  My purpose for your life is to reflect Me.  You are to mirror Me, My ways, My thoughts as I reveal them to you.  Each time you reflect Me, you are cutting the chords that bind you to your flesh.  I have lit your candle, and I continually fill you with My oil as you wait upon Me.  As you train your ear to hear Me, you grow stronger in Me.  Your faith in Me grows, every time you come before Me.  Your light is shining brightly My dear one, I love you.  I love our time together, for we are one.  In the stillness of the day I am here with you.  In the quiet of the morning we commune together.  You have chosen to put Me first in your day and that pleases Me child.  You are getting to know Me and learning to listen and pick out My voice, this pleases Me child!  You are right where you are supposed to be.  I will lead you by the hand each and every day.  Follow My lead.  Do not stray from the path I have placed you on.  Our journey is a beautiful one.  I enjoy watching you live out your days patiently waiting for Me to reveal more and more of Myself to you.

The lusts and pull of the world have lost their luster to you.  You are content with or without, you are truly growing closer and closer to Me, and I will reward you for diligently seeking Me.  Out of the abyss you sparkle.  You shine in the darkness.  You are hidden in Me child.  I will uncover you soon and use you for My glory.  Do not be afraid to be martyred for Me.

 I will reveal what I want you to do as each day comes.  Fear not, I will protect you.  Study the word martyr it's not what you think.  I will not allow you to be harmed.  I am with you, and My plans and purposes are higher than mans.

 You must continue to grow in your understanding of Me.  The highway is a higher way of thinking.  Life is a journey back to Me.  You and everyone else has free-will, I will not take that from you.  Every one must make the choice to come after Me and seek Me with their whole heart.  Behold, I have come, I have searched the hearts of men and I know who truly are mine.  I have sealed My Beloveds.  I have covered them with My wings.  Behold I come and I am here.

  Stay humbled unto Me.  Stay close to Me.  Make yourself stronger in Me by your continually coming and waiting upon Me, and reading My word.  I will always protect you.  I want you to study "martyr".  Look up every definition and the root of this word.  Words are full of creative power.  You have a little understanding of the power of words.  I will give you more understanding as We progress together in our journey.  I hold you child in the palm of My hand.  I know you by name.  You are mine and I will never let you go.  Hold fast to Me no matter what you face each day.  Your life is in My hands.  You are mine and I will never let you go.  You are truly safe and secure in Me.  Live in Me.  I alone am your source.  I alone am all you need.  I am the I AM.  I am here.  I know you.  Getting to know Me is a great mystery that I am unfolding for you as We journey together.  Make yourself ever stronger in Me.

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