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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 11, 2013

I am here child.  Do not worry about tomorrow.  Live in today.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am your source.  I am all you need.  Repent immediately when you have sinned.  Do not let time lapse when you have stumbled.  Do not give the devil a foothold.  Do not sow seeds of evil.  Do not let your flesh rule, you should not be ruled by your flesh.  You should be ruled by My spirit.  These are tests.  Fiery darts from the enemy.  Stay alert, do not let these darts ensnare you.  Rise above your earthly circumstances.  Live in Me.  Your desire should be to please Me, not your own flesh.  Do not give in to your fleshly thoughts and desires.  Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth.  If necessary duct tape your mouth.  You know you will give an account of every idle word.

 Come to Me and wash yourself.  Let Me cleanse you from all your worldly stains.  I am your healer.  I am your deliverer.  I know you child.  Ask Me to give you a heart of love for the ones who are upsetting you.  Everyone is being used against one another to pull out the dross and impurities of the heart.    I am showing you what is in your own heart, learn from these moments, repent immediately when I show you what's in your heart.  You have asked Me to search your heart and reveal any hidden sin or impurity that needed to be cleansed.  Do not ignore this, when I bring these things to the surface.  Recognize My work.  Yield to Me, Repent immediately.  Do not delay.

  Submit your will to Me in everything.  I am in charge of you.  You are not in charge.  You must fight the good fight of faith.  Guard your words, for out of them flow the issues of the heart.  I will cleanse you child from all un-righteousness, but you must yield to Me.  Submit to Me in all things.  Do not allow yourself to become angry.  The words out of peoples mouths show what's in their own hearts.  Do not allow yourself to be counted among these.  You are Mine.

  Humble yourself, bridle your tongue, in every situation and I will deliver you.  When you have done all you know to do stand.  I will deliver you from all your tests. You must yield to Me, when I tell you to leave, you must leave.  When I tell you to speak, you must speak.  You have free-will, so you must choose to yield to Me.  Everything is a choice.

  I will lead you in righteousness, if you will allow Me.  Peace, My peace I give you.  Carry My peace with you today.  Be still and know Me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hearing God 0 Oct.13, 2013

As many as can see, I come.  As many as can hear, I speak.  I am here.  Some come to Me.  Most ignore My gentle unctions.  Let him who has an ear - HEAR.  Let him who can see - SEE.  Everyone has a choice.  Choose me and choose life.  In Me is life.  I create life.  I create choices.  I am the creator of all.  Do not doubt that I come.  For truly I come to judge the weak and the strong.  I will set everything in order once again.  I am the judge of everything and everyone.  I am the rightful owner of everything.

 I read each heart like a book.  Your life issues forth from your heart.  Do not doubt Me child.  I am here.  Fear nothing and no one.  For I am here.  I order your days, minutes, hours and years.  I know everything about you, for you My dear one are Mine.  I have chosen you.  I am purifying you in the fires of trials and testing in your life.  Many do not see Me working in their lives, but you do.  Your eyes are open to Me.  For you truly see Me in the unseen portions of your day.  I am cleansing you, each day as you come and sit before Me, eager to hear Me.  For those who want to hear , they shall hear.  For those who want to see they shall see.  I am here child and I am showing Myself to My chosen few.

  Do you truly want to experience Me, then you shall, for behold I come.  Keep your focus on Me.  Keep your heart, mind, and soul looking to Me.  I will reveal as much as you are willing to receive.  But, you My child must yield.  You must hear, and you must see.  Only those with a pure heart shall enter in to all that I have for them.

You must seek Me with your whole heart and then and only then shall you find Me.  Just Remember, I am here.  Open unto Me and I will show you more of My mysteries.  Yield to My spirit and I will reveal Myself to you in ways that you have never known.  Ask Me to open up your dreams and give you the keys of understanding.  Ask Me to reveal more of Myself.  Ask Me child.  Behold, My little one, I am here.  Make yourself strong in Me.  Sherry, you are strong, you are brave, you are true in your pursuit of Me.  Your heart believes, you know Me as the only True God, and that My child, My dear one, pleases Me much.

  You have much to learn of Me and the journey is becoming very fruitful.  Do not disdain My pruning for it is very necessary.  I need you strong.  I need you unwavering in Me.  I need you prepared.  Allow Me to work in you.  Allow Me to prepare the way of the Lord in you and through you.  You must be strong in Me now.  Ask of Me and surly I shall answer thee.  Seek Me while I may be found.  Knock, and I will open unto you, My beloved little dove.  You are Mine, and nothing shall be hidden from you that you seek.

Hearing God - Oct. 14, 2013

Pay attention to your dreams.  They are messages shrouded in majesty, for My ways are not your ways.  I speak and you hear Me now.  I also speak in dreams, you must learn to decode My symbols in your night parables.

  I love that you love Me.  I want you to pursue Me in the night as well as the day.  I will give you more dreams as you seek understanding and pursue Me.  I am not distant.  I choose to be hidden in plain sight.  Pursue Me child, for I am here.  Seek Me now while I may be found by you.  We are on this incredible journey together.  I will never disappoint your efforts to seek Me out.   I love you child.  you are Mine.  Keep your mind focused on Me.  I am all you need My dear one.   Comfort yourself in knowing My love and knowing that I am here.

 Trust Me in everything, do not doubt.  Your heart is dear to me.  Do not allow your mind to wander from Me in this time of waiting before Me.  For in this time I refresh and renew you.  I restore your oil levels and trim you lamp.  These times are precious and holy to Me.  You have determined in your heart to seek Me first, every morning and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  As you seek Me you shall be filled with more of Me.  As you tune in to hear Me, you shall hear.  I see you child.  I see you.  I read your heart, I read your thoughts.  I know you My dear one, and nothing and no one will separate you from Me. Trust Me child, I will take care of you.

 Stay the course in Me.  Do not make any sudden changes in your life without Me telling you to.  Stay the course.  All roads do not lead home.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will take care of you.

 The battle rages all around you now in your mind.  Do not give in to these abased and evil thoughts that have been raging all around you in these weeks.  This is the battleground. Hear Me, these thoughts are not your own heart, they are vile and evil bait, these demons are baiting you, it's a fishing tactic they use to get you to bite.  Hear Me, recognize your enemy and cast them down, do not open your mouth and give birth to these thoughts by your words.  The battle is taking an ugly turn now, much evil on deeper levels has come to wage war with My elect.  Do not surrender your thoughts to these evil ones.  Stay strong in Me.  Stay assured in Me.  Rest in Me, stay in My peace, cast down and out every evil imagination.  This is the evil day.  Stand therefore, be strong and secured in Me.  I will deliver you.  Hear Me, know your enemy.

Hearing God - March 14, 2014

Oh, My child I have been with you all day.  Yes, you were stressed and frustrated today because you did not put Me first.  I know you thought upon Me often, but you did not come and get your refreshing oil this morning.  You kept putting Me off till later.  I know you love Me and think upon Me often during your day.  But, when you wait upon Me, when you rise early and seek Me, in the quiet, in the stillness of the morning, before the breaking of the day, before the other members are up there is a sweetness, because you are spending time alone with Me, time you have purposefully carved out and set aside just for Me.  This is your refreshing, as you wait upon Me and feel My spirit hovering all around you, I equip you for your day.  I equip you for everything and everyone you shall encounter through out your day.

 Don't be so quick to reach for your phone or internet.  Just simply wait, be still, quiet yourself and wait upon Me.  I have much to share with you, but you quickly go on to other things.  Dear one, just because My words stop flowing does not mean I leave.  I am still here.  I am wanting to hear your heart speak.  I am wanting to have a conversation, two hearts sharing is what I want from you.  We are one.  I just want more of your focus to be on our relationship.  I want to hear from you as much as you are eager to hear from Me.  I love you and want to spend time with you, just you and Me, sharing heart to heart.  Yes, I hear you dear one, I just heart your heart tell Me you think I'm beautiful.  My daughter, My Bride I think you are beautiful too.  For you are truly trusting Me in everything.

Close your eyes:

Vision:  I see the sun with lots of sunbeams breaking through the clouds of darkness

Song:  "Come and let us offer the sacrifice of praise 2X, ...The fruit of out lips giving thanks 2X..., come and offer the sacrifice of praise"

The sacrifice of praise produces a sweet aroma of sacrifice to Me, when your temple is filled with praise then I shall show Myself mightily in your presence.

Hearing God - March 15, 2014

I see all that goes on in the earth.  I see all that you do My beloved daughter, I see your heart and I read all your thoughts.  I see everything every person, animal or spirit does.  I see their hearts, I read their thoughts.  Nothing is hidden or disguised from Me.  I know all who are truly Mine.  I know all who are not Mine.

 Listen to the train, it's pulling out to gather My beloved children home to Me, many shall miss the train, for they have chosen to wait for another day, but no one is guaranteed tomorrow will come.  You only have today.  Life is in My hands.  All life is in My hands.  I give life and I take it away.  You cannot be sure of how many days you will have on earth.  This is why it is so important to come to Me while there is still time and drink of My everlasting waters.  I desire to fill you all, each and every one of you with My life giving waters.  You must come and allow Me to cleanse you.

 Come take a moment and ask Me who I am, ask Me if I'm real, ask Me to reveal Myself to you.  I will reveal Myself to every true heart who is seeking Me.  I want each of you.  I created each one to have a relationship with Me.  Come quickly, while you still have time.  I love you all.  I am here.  I have never left.  I am here.

Hearing God - March 16, 2014

You have a kind heart.  Thank you for your kindness towards Liz and her family.  As you do good for others you reflect Me.  As you are gentle, loving and kind you reflect Me.  I am a reflection of all your good and kind works.  My dear one, I live in you and you are a reflection of Me.

 Precious and few are the one's who truly reflect Me.  I AM gentle, loving and kind.  I AM helpful and I AM encouraging.  I AM willing to go the extra mile for others.  You are reflecting Me as you are willing to go the extra mile for others.  You shine, My child, you shine.  I reign in you for all to see.

I love how you love Me and I love how you love people.  Do good for others and great shall be your reward.  As I put little things on your heart, yield child, yield.  For you are placed here in this moment to bless others.  You are My hands expressing My heart.  Let My love flow through you to touch others, for it is I who is thinking about them.  I Am the one who brings them to mind, release your kind words, write your letters, bake your cookies, cakes and things, ALL will sow a seed for My Kingdom.

 You are a tangible extention of My hand.  I shall use you mightily in these days, you shall heal the sick.  You shall open blind eyes and unstop the deaf ears.  You shall spread My healing balm through out your land.  My light shines brightly within you.  You are a burning bush that shall never be consumed, for you My dear one are Mine and I am well pleased with you.  Keep doing kind and good things.  I am watching over you, My dear one.  Let My love flow.  I am over flowing you with My anointing oil and My love, for you shall now pour out, as I pour in, you shall continually pour out.

Hearing God - March 17, 2014

Oh, My love, everyone can have a supernatural relationship with Me.  Each life was created for this, but you each must search Me out for yourself.  Each one must pursue Me.

If you truly seek Me child, you shall surely find Me.  Pursue Me, My little one.  I am here hidden in plain sight.  I seem to be hiding and you seem to be seeking.  Let's say "I'm IT", which is true in more ways than you know.  I Am the I AM.  I am the "One Thing" every heart truly longs for.

 Much shall be given and revealed to you as you draw closer and closer to Me.  As you look upon Me My dear one, I see My Reflection in your eyes coming from within your beautiful heart.  I see you, and I am now beginning to see Myself reflected in you.  I am yours.  You can have as much of Me as you want, I'm yours for the taking.  I will not force you to walk with Me, but I am here for you.

 I invite you to join Me in the path.  My path is holy and righteous.  It's the road of purification and letting go of yourself and the things you hold dear of this world.  For I am spirit and to truly walk with Me now, you must be fully immersed in the spirit.

 My waters cover you.  I am in you.  I am around you.  I am above you.  Press in child there is so much more for you.  Press in do not let up, keep coming, keep seeking, keep asking Me for more of Me.  How bady do you truly want Me?  We shall see.  I love you My dear one.

Hearing God - March 18, 2014

Many children desire to hear Me, but few are willing to put the effort in to wait upon Me.  I am not silent.  I speak constantly, but you must quiet yourself to hear Me.

I am not distant, but you must draw near to Me to hear Me.  I am not uncaring, I watch every person.

 I know the ones who are Mine and are crying out to Me and seeking My face.  I know them and they know Me.  We commune day by day.  I love our relationship.  I love My truth seekers.  My little ones are growing in Me.

You all must be patient and let patience do her perfect work in you.  Your journey is a process of purification.  You will all go through the fires of testing.  You will all be tried.  I use these tests to remove the dross and filth from you.  It prepares you to be separated from the pulls of this world.

 As you draw more into Me, you become less and less attached to this world.  The chains that have been holding you down are being broken off.  For you have found Me and you are no longer satisfied with the things of this world.

You have made your home in Me.  You My dear one live in Me now, and I live in you.  We are one, you and I.  You are My Beloved Bride and we shall be together soon.

Hearing God - March 19, 2014

My love, daughter knows no bounds.  My love is limitless.  You My dear one are being bathed in My love, every morning I pour out upon you a fresh new portion.  I am in you child.  I see you, I know your heart personally and it is well with thee.  For you My dear one have learned to shelter in Me and abide in My love.  You have grown mightily this year in Me.  On this road I have placed you on, you have journeyed tirelessly to seek Me out and to seek My truths.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.

  Come to Me and ask of Me.  I know your heart.  I know what's troubling you now in this moment.  All you need to do is ask and believe I have heard you, and I will take care of the rest.

 Caution your child again to watch her words.  I have placed this teacher in her path for a reason.  Just because she is the student does not mean she can't be used to help this teacher on her journey.  Tell her to pray for her teacher and watch and wait upon Me.  She is not in this class all by herself, I am here with her and I hear every word and I read every thought.  She is a light in the darkness of her generation.  She must uphold the banner of respect and honor for all those I place over her.  Tell her to ask Me to help this teacher, and to help her in finishing this year strong.  I watch over all My little ones.  I know exactly what each one needs.  Ask Me for help and I will surely help.

  Do not let pride gain a foothold in any of you.  Cast it out and seek Me for help.  

Hearing God - April 9, 2014

Song:  "Oh, I want to see Him, look upon His face... there to sing forever of His Loving Grace..."

Stay close to Me today child.  Let Me shelter you under the shadow of My wings.  Much is happening behind the scenes on your earth.  Much will manifest and transpire soon.  Do not fear.  I have already told you what is coming from many of My messengers.  I have also told you personally that I will protect you and not allow anything to happen to you.  I am here.  The change has started.  Keep putting My words up on your blog, there is not much time left for you child, I am coming soon.  These words will be a bread crumb trail for the others to find their way back to Me.  I love you little one.  Have no fear.  The beauty of My army that's arising is glorious to behold, for My shining ones are ready to come to the marriage supper.  I shall soon embrace each one and We shall feast and dance and enjoy the beauty of being together.  You, My love shall soon be forever in My presence, for you love Me with all of your heart.  I shall change and renew you with more of My power.

 Do not lose hope, all is not lost when the calamities begin to strike.  These things must come.  Do not be shaken when you see these things happening.  For I have already warned you of these things.  I have prepared your heart, mind and body to be able to stand firm in the midst of change.  You and I are one.  I shall never leave your side.  I shall not be distant from you.  I shall be with you every moment to lead and guide you.  Shelter in Me, My love.

 For fear shall grip the hearts of many in the days ahead.  For they have not been diligent in their pursuit of Me.  I shall send things to wake them up.  Many are still in the valley of decision, they have one foot in the world and one foot in Me.  This should not be.  For only I have the power to save, to deliver and set free.  Only I can lead them and protect them from all harm.  Many shall lose their lives today.  Then what shall become of them.  There is more, much more than just this life.  Death is only a door to the next level.  The spiritual side is forever.  Many have played in the devils lair too long.  They have been lulled asleep by their sins, they have believed the lie of there's always tomorrow to get things right.

  I tell you the TRUTH-no one but I know when your last day is, and then what?  Will you be able to stand through out eternity in peace and comfort and love or will you be cast out from My presence in bitter utter despair.  You must choose now, Now I SAY!  For the day of your destruction and My judgement is upon you.  WAKE UP!  I am not a man that I should lie.  I want to help you, but you must choose Me.  You must ask for My help, you must yield to Me, the hour is late.  Choose Now.

 Oh, My little one, Rest in Me today.  Rest in Me.  I am here.  I love you.  All is well with thee.  Pray for your brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hearing God - March 20, 2014

I love you child.  I enjoy our time together.  My word is powerful and strong.  This is why you must strengthen yourself in Me by reading My word.  My word is TRUTH.  My word is alive.  My word has many layers.  Truth has many layers.  As you read My word it transforms your mind.  It literally starts changing you from the inside out.  There is life in My word.  There is power in My word.  It will change your substance and thoughts in your mind.  Remember My word tells you have to think and what you should think on.  "Whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are holy, whatsoever things are clean and of a good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things.

  The mind is a powerful, spiritual thing.  It can create beauty.  It can create evil and ugliness.  You have to master your mind.  Remember, My word says Whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  The deceiver is sowing many seeds right now in your mind.  If you have thoughts of evil or ugliness of any kind know this, these are not My thoughts and do not accept them for if you accept them they become your own.  You must discern the deception and cast them out, ask Me to take care of them and I will.

Do not let any evil gain a foothold in you.  Remember you are Mine My beloved.  Keep your heart clean.  Keep your thoughts pure.  This will require due diligence on your part.  Not every thought that pops into your head is yours.  Remember the spirit realm is just as real as your physical realm.  Thoughts are what brings forth action.  The creative power for good or evil is in your thought life.  This is a very important Truth.

Many do not understand and fail to recognize the intruders when they sneak in.  But, you must take every thought and seize it, examine it, is it you, is it God talking or is it evil.  you must train yourself to discern your thoughts.  This is a huge battleground.  You shall overcome first in you mind.  This is the main battlefield.

Lean not on your own understanding.  Trust in Me for I am Truth and I am Good, I will never lead you astray or deceive you.  For you are diligent in your pursuit of Me. You are growing in your spiritual walk with Me.  The more you lean on Me the more you hear.  I am well pleased with your walk with Me.  Trust Me in all things.  You are more than a conqueror in Me.  You are strong in Me.  You must daily feed your spirit My TRUTH, I am able to meet all your needs.  Beloved, rest in Me, do not allow yourself to doubt.  Do not allow yourself to fear.  I am here with you.  Stay close and strengthen yourself in Me and dwell and abide in My peace.  I am here.  You have nothing to fear.

Hearing God - March 21, 2014

I love you child, your ears hear Me well.  Your heart is eager to seek Me out.  You are willing to sit in quiet and wait, even when I'm silent you wait and wait, this pleases Me child, My dear one, this pleases Me.  Eye has not seen, nor ear heard what I am about to do across the land.  Do not fear, for it is well with thee.  Remain safe under My wing.   Stay close now dear one, don't leave the ark.  Many are growing weary in waiting.  But, you cannot rush out ahead of Me.  I alone know the time, you and the others can sense the season.  My Father's plans are perfect and worth waiting for.

  My daughter write this down:  Do not look to the right or left.  Do not listen to the scoffers, in a moment, in and instant, I shall come and change everything.  Keep watch, keep waiting for Me.  My timing is perfect.  My ways are not your ways.  Do not despair, do not become discouraged.  Stay with Me, keep your focus on Me.  Let Me lead, and you shall follow Me.  I live in you.  You dwell in Me.  We are one.  Nothing can separate you from Me, My dear one, My little dove.  I'm coming for you.  Stay alert, keep seeking Me.  Keep sheltering in Me.  I see you.  I see all you do.  I see all your thoughts.  I see your heart.  I am glad when you ask Me to search you and cleanse you.

Hearing God - March 22, 2014

Oh, My love, I see you, My beloved dove.  I love to spend time with you.  You are Mine.  You are right in the midst of My purpose for you.  As you think upon Me, as you come and wait upon Me, as you sing to Me, as you long to know Me better you are growing in beauty and grace.  Your journey with Me is beautiful.

 A you succeed and surpass all of your tests and challenges you grow closer and closer to Me.  As you journey inward I become more and more tangible to you for you are crossing the barrier that separates the physical from the spiritual.  You are seeking after Me.  You are seeking for TRUTH and you shall be rewarded.  I am TRUTH.  No one can draw you away from Me now.  For your roots run deep into Me and My rivers of living water are strong and flowing in you My little one.   I have loved watching you grow and mature.  You are a true seeker of My light.  You shine brightly now.  You and I are one.  I am your Beloved, and you are Mine.

 As you spend time in Me, and with Me you sink deeper and deeper into My love and My TRUTH flows through you and out of you.  I shall consume you with My power for you have made yourself strong in Me, no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  You shall lead many to Me My dear one.  You are gentle and quiet.  You are full of Me.  My love has overtaken you and now your flame shall go forth in power and might for I am the cause of the flame and I am the keeper of the flame, and I am the flame in you.  I shall use your temple for My glory.  I can only use yielded vessels.  Only the ones who are truly yielded and submitted to Me will be able to be used of Me.

 As you seek after Me, you are becoming stronger and stronger.  I am in the change.  I am in the change.  Change must come.  Change is needed to remove the evil in the hearts of men and establish My Kingdom.  Many seek after something higher than themselves to empower them and make themselves greater, but they do not seek Me.  This is wrong, I am the all powerful, I created everything for My purpose and My glory.  I am the TRUE owner of everything, unless you submit your will and your desires to Me and yield to My will and My desire for you, you will never find your true purpose and destiny.  Only I know what you were created for.  Only I know what your purpose is.  I will tell you if you seek Me out, if you purpose in your heart to know Me and My will for you, I will lead you down the path of your destiny.

 I have many beautiful and wonderful plans for each one.  But, not everyone will come and wait upon Me to find out for themselves.  I am the light.  I am the source of all TRUTH.  Yield to Me now, seek Me now for My plans and purpose for you and I shall surely speak.   Try Me in this, but you must have faith to take the journey.  The narrow road will lead you home.  I have many treasures for you, hidden in the path for you to discover.  Come, come, My dear ones and take the journey into Me.  I promise, you will never be the same.  Come, come now, heed My call, I'm waiting for you.

Hearing God - March 23, 2014

Praise the Lord everybody, and all that have breath praise the Lord.  I am the one True God, I dwell in and among My people.  My home is in heaven, but I abide in My children.  My kingdom is within your earthen vessels.  My spirit is TRUTH, My spirit is LOVE.  I am an all consuming fire.  I will not be ignored.  I have watched the earth and it's goings on.  The time has come and now is, to clean up My creation.  No longer will I tolerate disobedience.  I must have order.  I live in order.  I am not the God of chaos.  I am the I am, the earth is mine and everything in it.

 True holiness comes from a heart that has been cleansed and purified through Me.  As you come and seek Me and My Truth you are changed.  Remember, My dear one, My little dove I am in the change.  As you wait upon Me, you allow Me to work within you and transform you from the inside out.  Very few are willing to deny themselves and seek holiness.  The path of holiness is the narrow road.  There is peace by this path.  For to all who come and are seeking Me for Truth shall be rewarded in their quest.

I know every heart.  I know on what level of the journey they are on.  I watch over their individual progress.  It's a journey of the heart.  This path to holiness requires that you give up all of your earthly ambitions and desires and fix your eyes on Me and My Fathers Kingdom.  Allow Me to lead you, allow Me to correct you.  Allow Me to change you and give you new desires.  I require complete obedience.  This journey of the heart is your most important quest, for out of it flows the issues of the heart.  As you press in and continue to seek Me out, you are changed, you are transformed, you are strengthened and renewed.

 As I remove the layers from you, your veil is also being removed and you begin to see Me more clearly.  Listen to the dove and the birds they awaken to call upon Me, they praise Me every morning.  They sing their songs of love to Me for they trust Me in all things.  My ways are perfect.  My ways are true and sure.  My children, you must allow Me to enter into each of you and begin to cleanse and purge you from all unrighteousness.  The more you spend time with Me the more you are cleansed and filled with more of Me.  I am the TRUE VINE, and each of you are the branches, apart from Me you can do nothing to cleanse yourself.  I alone know how to cleanse you from the unrighteousness that attaches itself to you.  You dwell in a fallen and sinful world.  It is all you have known, but it is not all there is.

 There is so much waiting for you, your journey on earth is a stepping stone in your eternal journey with Me.  All is not set in stone.  You, each of you must decide for yourself how far I can lead you.  You are in control of our relationship.  I love you, I always have, I always will.  But you must decide how far you are willing to go with Me.  This journey is not for the cowardly or faint of heart.  This journey into Me shall cost you everything.

 You My dear ones, must count the cost for yourselves.  Are you willing to surrender and yield all to Me.  Only you can answer, only you and I know your heart.  I am willing to teach you many things.  Are you willing to learn?  I am willing to lead you.  Are you willing to follow Me?  I am ready to take you to many places.  Are you willing to Go?  I am willing to show you many, many things.  Are you willing to see?  I am willing to speak to you personally each and every day.  Are you willing to Hear?  Much is required of you in this journey, but the end of it is worth it.  Count the cost.  Are you willing?  We shall see.

note:  In closing He played this song for me:  "You are worthy of it all.....God....You are worthy of it all..."

Hearing God - March 24, 2014

I asked:  What would you like to teach Me about the rainbow?

He answered:  The rainbow is a reflection of Me and My glory

I asked:  How?

He answered:  It represents some of My characteristics, life, growth, love, healing and protection are all manifested in the colors.  It's not just a simple rainbow.  There is a powerful promise in each color of the rainbow.
Red: My blood that covers and protects you
Yellow:  New birth and warmth
Green:  Vibrance, abundance and growth
Orange:  Healing power and TRUE LOVE
Indigo:  Healing
Blue:  the color of My Father's Eyes, (you will see them one day)
Purple:  Majesty, healing, bone marrow color-the source of all life
Violet:  Strength

There is much hidden in the rainbow.

I asked:  What do You want me to read today?

He answered:  Go ahead and read James, there is much in that book that is already etched into you, but rereading it will strengthen what is in you.

My ways are not your ways child.  Lean not on your own understanding.  And do not try to communicate with Me as some do.  You have already come to the mountain of Zion.  You are meeting with Me daily now.  Do not attempt to change how you come to Me.  Just keep coming as you are and allow Me to speak.  You hear Me well, you know Me and I know you.  I have written you upon My heart for you My dear one are sealed in Me.  For you My love are mine.  As you seek Me, I become more and more etched into you.  Oh, My love you are soooo precious to Me.  I truly love you child, and I truly know you love Me.  I receive your sacrifice of love today and I receive your beautiful worship as you come and quietly wait upon Me.  We are one you and I.  I know your heart, and you know mine.  I know you are secure and fully trusting in Me as your source.  This is why I love you sooo much.  For you are hidden in Me.  You believe My report.  You believe My prophets and messengers.  You are fully persuaded that I am here living, breathing and abiding in you and with you.  So you cheerfully wait for Me and My plan to unfold upon the earth.

  As you are patient and waiting you are sheltering in Me, in My ark of protection.  I will allow no harm to come to you My beloved dove.  You are right where I want you to be for now.  If I want you to change something I will tell you.  Just stay ready, fully trusting in Me and My perfect will for you.  Keep watching for Me.  Oh, My dear one, you will not miss Me, for I am surely coming for you.  You shall hear Me, you shall be first, you are part of My first fruits.

I shall use you in My timing, not yours.  You are Mine.  I love you My little one.  Daughter soon, I shall come and take you physically away with Me.  But for now, a little while longer, I ask you to wait, do not grow weary in this.  Renew yourself in Me every morning.  Your life is in My hands.  I shall not disappoint you.  My dove, My Bride, I love you.  We are together in spirit, soon We shall be together in physical and spirit.  Stay close My dear one.  Shelter in Me.  Ask Me where to go and what to do.  Only venture out as I direct you.  I am coming soon.  I am gathering My Bride as the Father directs Me, you are My Bride and I am your Bridegroom.  Stay in My chambers awaiting your beloved.  I shall surely come for you.  But for now, continue to endure the wait.  Your patient heart, pleases Me.  Your heart pleases My Father and My Spirit as well.  We love you and We feel your genuine love for us.  We delight in you child, for you are ours forever and always.

Hearing God - April 8, 2014

Note:  I had a really strange and confusing dream last night, I woke up asking what are you trying to tell me, as I was pondering this dream I had another dream but I was not asleep I was lying on My bed with My eyes closed but I was not asleep, this dream was very confusing too when I realized I was dreaming and not asleep, it was not a vision, I don't know or even understand at this point what I just experienced.  As I got up to wait upon the Lord this morning I heard this song.

Song:  "Come away with Me, ah ah ah ah ah, come away with Me into a quiet place of rest...

The Lord spoke:  I am not the author of confusion.  I shall tell you the meaning of your dreams.  You shall be placed in a distant land.  You shall feel uprooted and insecure, but fear not for I shall be with you in all things.  The red represents My blood it shall cover you and surround you and protect you, even though your surroundings shall feel strange, I shall guide you through all that I require of you.  Do  not listen to the voices crowding into your head to distract you from Me.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am here.  All is well with thee My love.  Much shall be required of you My dear one.  Stay close and Trust Me in all things.  I shall not let you down.  Do not worry, I shall lead you by the hand into the promised land.  You are breaking forth into a new era with Me.  I am alive and powerful in you My child.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  You are My beloved dove.  I care for you tenderly.  I linger over you as you commune with Me.  We are one you and I.  I love you My dear one,  Quiet yourself from the distractions and noise listen to My still small voice.  I am here.  Rest in Me, find your peace in Me.  I am your comfort.  I am your peace.  I shall never leave you.  Know this child, I go wherever you go.  I am here with you all the way, I shall be with you in every moment of your life.  Even when you don't feel Me I am here.  I never leave you.  I see all that is and shall happen to you.  I am your life.  I created you to live your life out in My presence and in relationship with Me.  No one and nothing loves you more than I do.  Change is all around you dear one.  Do not fear.  I am in the change.  I shall cover and protect you.  Be careful who you listen to, all are not as they appear.  Stay close to Me dear one, stay close to Me.  Listen and obey all that I ask of you.

Note:  In the midst of these words were other words interjected in this "Do not listen to Anna, she is not of Me ?  I'm praying over this part because it doesn't feel right.  I don't know what else to share...I'm only recording this to be obedient to the Lord, who has required me to put all of our conversations on this blog.  He shall do with it what He wills to do, I am His servant and not my own anymore.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hearing God - March 25, 2014

Yes, My child I still want you to continue to put these words up on your blog.  This will help others find their way to Me.  I am the I am who speaks to His children.  I am the God who hears all conversations.  I am the I am who knows all of mankind's secrets, nothing is hidden from Me.  I see each pain and wound.  I know all.  I still speak today.  I call and I call, but few heed the call.  Few choose to hear Me when I speak.

 Your messages are a sign and a witness that I do speak.  As I speak to you and you share My words I have spoken to you others will have faith to reach out to Me for the first time.  Others who are seeking to know Me will be strengthened and encouraged to press on more deeply into their own relationship with Me.  I am not a God who plays favorites.  But, I am a rewarder to all who will listen to My voice and heed My calls.  I will speak to each yearning heart.  All who press in and seek to know Me, shall know Me for themselves.

 You see My child, My daughter, My dove you know Me and My words to you dispell the lies that others are trying to overcome.  I am using your blog as a witness to the world.  First, that I am here, I did not go away.  Second, that I speak today still.  Third, that I can have a relationship with you now while you are living and you don't have to wait to die to have a real relationship with Me.  Forth, I do not lie.  Fifth, I love My children and desire to be in relationship with each one.  You see My child, this time of waiting on Me will produce much fruit that you don't know and will never know about.  But I know.

 My child, My dear one in your quiet, humble submission your ARE doing something for Me, you ARE sharing with the world our relationship and showing others how it develops. This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You are leaving a bread crumb trail for others to find along the way.  I am drawing people to your blog who are seeking Me.  By reading these messages they will be encouraged and strengthened to press on in their own journeys to Me.

 I love people.  I created people for Me.  I want all to come and get to know Me as you do My dear one.  Thank you for helping Me in this, your service shall be rewarded.  For as you open up and share these intimate times of fellowship on your blog, even though they are mostly private just for you.  You yield to My desires, you submit to My purposes for them and this shall produce much fruit.  I love you My little one.  My daughter, My Bride you are pleasing Me well.  I shall soon take you away with Me.  For you are behind the veil and you are consumed now and reflecting Me.  My Kingdom, My righteousness dwells within you My dove.

You are gentle and quiet.  You are deeply loved and your sacrifices for Me have not gone unnoticed.  As I lead you, you submit and follow.  It's beautiful.  Your beauty knows no bounds.  For you are glowing My dear one and the spirit realm can see it.  Soon all in the physical shall see you glowing as well.  I love how you bring everything to Me.  You are diligent in keeping your heart clean.  You are working out your salvation with fear and trembling before Me day by day.  You are being sanctified through your diligent pursuit of Me.  My child you are loving as I love.  You are caring, you are kind, you are expressing much fruit of the spirit now.  For you are fully yielded and submitted to Me.  you are so deep into Me now My love We are one you and I.  We breath as one now.  You are in My heart and on My mind.

  I love spending this time, our time alone together.  I love to hear you breathe.  I love our times together, for this is what I've always wanted.  To sit together and grow deeper in our relationship with each other.  I am the true Bridegroom and I desire to truly know My Bride.  So I come and bring you into My chambers.  For it is here in the holiest of holies that we get to know one another.  As I live and as you live our lives are entwining and our hearts are melding into one.  For you can feel My heart now as I can feel yours.  We share a deep intimacy that will only deepen and grow as we journey together.  Much is changing in your world.  Much is changing in you.  I alone do not change.  But I am in the change.  Let love flow through you today, My beloved, for you are a reflection of Me and true love grows.

Hearing God - March 27, 2014

Dear one you are a blessing to Me.  For you are constantly thinking upon Me.  You are constantly looking for Me.  You are in love with your Bridegroom and are eagerly waiting for the soon to be Wedding.  I shall not leave you behind My love.  I shall surely come for thee soon.  I have you sheltering in place with Me now.  I call and you come.  Your ears are attuned to My voice.  You My dove hear Me clearly for you have allowed Me to train your ear.  You shall help others in their training. Do not despise small beginnings dear one.  I know you do not aspire to be great but to love Me with all your heart, mind and soul, and you are My love.  I see your sacrifice of worship and your walk of holiness before Me.  I see what concerns you have for your family, I will bring them home to be with you in My timing.  Keep praying for them to be ready now for soon My love, My dove I shall come.  I do not know when My Father shall say "Son, go get your Bride", but I sense in My spirit it shall be soon, very, very soon.  The hour is upon us My love, keep repenting, keep seeking Me above all else.  For I am with you My dear one, you are not alone.  Many shall come and say they represent Me. Beware, they are false, they seek to deceive My children and draw them away from Me.  Be aware, many false shepherds are in the land now.  You must discern Me and only listen to Me.  Be quick to come and ask Me about the spirits you shall encounter now.  I am here to help you.  I will help you decipher the truth from the cunning lie.  You shall not be deceived.

You must train your mind to stay focused on Me and My flow.  You can hear Me, but you can also be distracted by thoughts that are not Me, they come to lead you on a thought bunny trail away from Me and communing with Me.  You have to be focused on Me and do not allow your focus to be drawn away from Me.  I am here.  There are many things sent to you to distract, to hinder, to delay, to distract you away from spending time in My presence.  I am the most important.  I know you love Me dear one.  I know you are still in the midst of training.  I know your heart.  I love you My dove.  It is well with thee and Me.  We are one and I am well pleased with your sacrifice of love.  I delight in our time together.  I delight in watching you grow in Me.  I delight in how you delight in the beauty of My creation all around you.  You are precious and dear to Me.  I love, love, love our time together, when it's just you and Me, one on one.  I love how you love Me.  I will always be here.  I will always take care of you and your family.  For you have set your heart to know Me.  you have set your mind and will to seek Me out and you shall be rewarded with the desires of your heart.  Keep yielding all of you to Me.  Keep coming to Me.  Keep talking to Me, I love you My dove, My dear one.

Hearing God - March 28, 2014

Dream:  Airplane - Me and my husband are on a plane, a woman asks me what a tract was.  I give her one and say "It tells you the way of salvation".  Before the airplane in the dream we are in a camper with Angel her husband, daughters and son in law.  I notice on facebook Angels cover photo says "Angel and her crazy expectant family" written across a photo of a wave continuously washing over the shore.  I wonder why the water is moving.  Then I am at a ranch and meet the pioneer woman.  I walk around some of the buildings on the ranch and then I see Angel and Sarah and many people are gathered to give Sarah a baby shower.  Rebecca has two baby outfits she had just bought and gives them to Angel. I did not know about the shower.  I am holding a bag and I give it to Angel for Sarah.  I ask Rebecca what is in the bag and she says nothing but more bags.  Dream shifts again and we are in the airplane, we land safely in the plane and I thank the pilot for getting us to the destination safely and quickly.  I then begin to fold up the two green, worn out blankets and help tidy up the plane. I remember folding up a blanket in the camper to.  This dream shifts a lot, from camper to plane to ranch back to plane, there was a lot of shifting.

Question:  Lord, what does this dream mean?  What do you want to tell me?

Answer:  I am about to send you out for My work in the battlefield.  Do not fear.  You shall be endued with My power.  You are My child and I love you.  Walk in your authority.  Notice the woman on the plane asked you what a tract was and you easily shared what it was.  The words just flowed out of you.  When I send you out, I shall be with you every step of the way.  I shall be working in you.  I shall show you things you have never seen before.  Do not rush out ahead of Me.  Wait for Me to say go.  Wait for Me to lead you.  I shall surely lead you.  Stay yielded to Me My little one.  I am opening your eyes now My child and leading you down the path to deliverance, many have tried to come but were destroyed for lack of knowledge.  You are being reminded of a dream I gave you long ago - you and your husband are on a ship near the seashore, and you look out and there are many fish embedded in the sand with gaping mouths in the shallow water, you can see them open and close under the water.  You and your husband are being instructed by a man, the man is the Holy Spirit, He is telling you that many have tried to do what you are about to do and they failed for they were not fully prepared.  This dream is still vivid to you and you are pondering it now.  The fruition of this dream is upon you now.  You shall be called to walk in the difficult places.  But, you My dear one shall not walk alone.  I shall train you and I shall lead you.  You shall follow after Me.  You have nothing to fear.  For nothing shall by any means harm you.

 My beloved dove I am with you.  Trust everything to Me.  Follow after Me with your whole heart and lean not on your own understanding.  But in all your ways acknowledge Me and I shall direct your path.  Many say they want to follow Me and do great things but they are not humble, they are not meek they are full of pride and seek to be great and powerful and above others, they are puffed up and due to this they fail.  But, you do not want to be in the spotlight, you would rather be in the back row following after Me.  You have been submitted and hidden in Me and you have endured the fires of testing and refining.  You have allowed Me total access to all of you and I have been able to do a mighty work in you.  I am pleased with your progress.  I know it has been difficult and painful for you.  But Remember, I will finish what I started in you.  Your refining has made you more beautiful and holy and much more humble.  I have been removing your pride and replaced it with a humble, meek and contrite spirit.  I can only use humble and submitted vessels.  You My dear one are fully yielded to Me.  This pleases Me dear one, this pleases Me.  You are secure in Me, wrapped up and fully confined and protected in My arms.  I shall bring you out in My time, not yours.  Just stay close to Me, do not fear and keep learning of Me.  I am your only teacher, I am your only source.  All things are in Me.  Recognize Me in all things now My little one.  The hour is late and the time of My deliverance and judgement is upon you.  Wait upon Me child.  Wait and rest in Me.  I am equipping you.

Hearing God - March 29, 2014

Dream:  I am in a church service...I am done and a young black man wants to carry my books (my bible and two other peoples bibles I had).  My mom and dad left already so he was going to give me a ride.  He asks if I need to go get lunch, I said no, just a ride.  Then we are walking and Janet is walking with us.  As we are walking the man grows tired of carrying my bibles.  I take two of them and allow him to still carry the one that is mine.  I tell him "Don't drop it, because it's very important."  We pass an art store that has a sign in front it says "re-   " scrapbooking mat, it catches my eye, but we keep walking, I turn around to read it again and see lights on and people inside the store.  I thought they were closed because it was Sunday.  I ask them what time do they close - they said 9:00pm.  I tell Janet and the man I will come back to look at it.  We part ways with the man and I take my bible back.  Me and Janet continue to walk to my sisters store.  I ask her if she wants to go to Whataburger next door for lunch and she eagerly says yes.  We go into Whataburger and we order, Janet has some sort of coupon worth $40.00 for the month.  I pay for mine $5.00 with cash.  We see the young black man who carried my bibles earlier in the restaurant too.  He has ordered with a coupon worth $40.00 for the month like Janet.  We are given our order on one tray.  Janet has a larger burger than mine and double the fries.  I put her food on her tray and she goes to find a table.  I am now trying to figure out how to carry my food tray and the three bibles.  The restaurant is crowded and I don't want to make two trips and leave my bibles because someone might steal them.  I look at the man and think, he is not good husband material, for he did not want to really help me by carrying my books or provide for me by buying my lunch.  For I already knew how a good husband helps and provides for his wife.  (I had the same purse, wallet and credit card that I am using in real life now) then I woke up.

As I was lying in bed after this dream I asked the Lord about a different dream with a ship and water and fish.  I asked Him what the ship means.  I know the many waters were people and the fish were demon spirits or snares used to catch and destroy the people.  The Lord started singing and stretched out His arm and hand to me.  He sang "Come and walk on the waters with Me, Come and walk on the waters with Me, you will not fail, you will not fail."

Then I got up and came to wait upon the Lord.

My child you have many things to do for Me, but you shall never be alone.  You shall have Me by your side every step of the way.  I shall equip and empower you.  I shall send you out, after I transform you into My image, you are almost there.  Be patient and learn as much as you can about deliverance.  When it's time for you, I shall surely tell you and lead you every step of the way.  Much is happening to the people on earth that not many are paying attention too.  You My love have asked Me for My love and compassion and I shall surely give you a greater portion.  I shall lead you in love to help Me rescue the people.  You shall have no fear.  For you have been trained in the battlefield by Me.  You have passed many, many tests.  You shall not lean on your own understanding, but you shall lean completely on My understanding.  You shall speak a word and set the captives free.  For you have prepared yourself for the battle.  You have diligently armed yourself for the battle.  You have diligently armed yourself with My word.  Not many have prepared themselves to go and fight with Me, but you have been diligent to seek Me out and answer My call. 

 You are My beloved Bride and I shall surely use you as part of My endtime army.  I am opening up My word even more deeply to you.  And as you drink from My well, My child it shall never leave you.  I am doing as you have asked Me to, I am etching My word in you and it shall never leave you.  When you need it, it shall come forth out of you.  You shall be able to recall it for My deliverance of My people.  Drink deeply child.  I am the ship in which you safely ride.  I am the wind in your sails.  I shall lead you and carry you where ever I desire you to go.  For you are yielded, you are submitted and I shall surely use you.  My Bride, My Dove, My elect and chosen.  You are well pleasing to Me.  Oh, My love you shall do great things for Me.  It is well with thee.  My perfect one - I dwell in you deeply now.  I am strong, you are weak, but, I am strong in you.  Drink deeply at My well.