Friday, March 28, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 26, 2013

My Bride focus on who I would have you to be for Me in this day.  Find every and all idols you set before Me now, and purge these things from your life.

Pray for My Will to be made evident to you, and pray for you to desire My Will for your life and not your own.

I am selecting the roles of My Bride now for My time is now.

She will be tucked safely under My wing and will see no danger until I hearken her to come to the place that is lying ready for her arrival.  My Bride has been given gifts that she must recognize and begin to use.  For these gifts will be evident to the lost as from Me only.

My Bride needs to focus now on what I will be leading her to do.  If she is focused on the things of this world.  She will miss out on her instructions, and will simply become a bridesmaid.

Those who seek Me and are seeking My will for them will find it and they will conquer all demons that come against them.

I am speaking to those now who are too involved in this world

I am separating those who are not giving their time and attention to what I am calling them to do

I am separating those who are not heeding My warnings and who are not acting on My guidance to them.

I am setting apart My Bride with the many jewels in her crown.  She must be seeking My will for her.  She must be seeking My will for her ministry in these last days.

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