Friday, March 28, 2014

Hearing God - March 13, 2014

I am here.  I know your ways.  You are neither hot or cold for you are on fire for Me.  You burn for Me.  As I mentioned in the message you just heard, I, and I alone have lit your flame for Me.  Your flame will never go out, and no one or nothing will be able to quench your fire.  For you are My burning bush, you are one of My burning ones.  You shall be a mother and mentor to many of My chosen children.  Do not look upon the outward appearance of the ones I will send you.  They shall not look like what you expect.  They have been tested and tried in My furnace of affliction, they are rejected, unloved and cast away by all, but not Me.  I shall gather them to Myself.  You are not to do things for them, you are to be a living example of Me and My love, you are to speak My word, you are to encourage them to continue and press on in their journey with Me.  I am not far from them.  Let your words by few - but let them be filled with Me.  Let My love, let My peace, let My comfort go forth from your lips.  Do not spend time thinking about what you will say, just open your mouth and let Me and My words flow out.   I shall do much with you child.  For I am in you and I shall work in you and with you to do My will.  Nothing shall be withheld from you for I am providing everything you need.  Let love flow, and flow and flow.  My mercy and grace shall go forth from you, I shall use you to kindle the flame inside of others.  No one can stop what I am about to do in you and through you.  Much is going to be accomplished for Me through you My dear one.  Not a moment shall be wasted.  I shall show you many things.  Stay close.  I am in your midst.  It is well with thee.  I love you and I love how you love Me.

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