Friday, March 28, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 29, 2014

You are My beloved, and I love you.  Trust Me, no matter what.  I will make a way for you.  Keep close to Me.   Draw ever closer as much as you can.  I am here.  You will gain strength from Me, every time you draw close to Me.  Come, and as you come I fill you with My oil.  Listen to My children as I bring them to you.  They are to strengthen you and draw you closer to Me.  Each one is sounding with the words and revelations I have given them.  I am leading and directing each one of My servants. My children know Me, they are empowered by Me.  No one knows everything I'm doing.  Each one sees in part, and understands in part.  It's a puzzle and you all need each other to fit all the puzzle pieces together.  Stay close to Me.  Ask Me, and I will reveal many things to you.  But you must ask.  Do not wait.  Press in.  I am willing to give you the information you seek, but you My child, My dear one, must ask, must seek.  I will reward your seeking.  Come to Me.  Keep your focus on Me, I am here.  You need Me.  Dwell in Me child as I dwell in you and have made My home in you.  TRUTH is powerful and will not disappoint.  Stay in My TRUTH and do not stray.  Your life is in My hands.  I am your provider, husband and friend.  Behold, the Bridegroom comes.  I love you.  I will always provide for you.  For I am well pleased with you.  You love Me with all your heart.  We will live forever together and no one will ever separate you from Me.  You are My dove.  Holy, clean and righteous.  You live in Me.  You make your home in Me.  I am so in love with you.  My precious little one.  Do not doubt My power, believe in Me.  Press into Me.  My life in you is power, My anointing in you is powerful and tangible.  Much change is coming.  Do not fear.  Stay the course.  Do not change coarse.  Live every moment in Me.  We are on the journey together.  I will always lead you, you My dear one Must TRUST Me and follow Me.  Read My word, build up My precious Holy Spirit within you.  Keep coming.  I am here.  I live.  Let Me live big in you.  I am the teacher, you My child are the seeker.  Do not grow weary in your search for Me.  I will reward your diligence.  Have patience in your search for Me.  I see you, I am beginning to reveal Myself, be patient and keep coming.  I know you by name.  You are mine.

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