Friday, March 28, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 27, 2014

My child you are in My perfect Will for you at this time.  You are sheltering in Me.  You are focused on Me.  You will not miss Me.  I am here.  I speak to you clearly, daily now, as you come to My table and dine with Me.  I love you and I have great plans for you.  Do not doubt any part of our relationship.    We are one.  I breathe into you My spirit.  You are humble before Me.  You are secure in Me.  I want you to study "martyr" - now, do not put it off or delay.

There is much to learn.  Your spirit is strong in Me.  You have weathered many tests and challenges that you have not even recognized.  You are a jewel to Me.  My light shines in and through you.  You are beautiful and lovely to Me.  We walk together.  You are My friend.  You truly love Me.  You seek Me daily and you My dear one, My little dove, I am always here with thee.  Nothing can ever separate us.  You are focused on Me and My will and plans for your life.  You will not miss Me child.  I am here.  I will not leave you alone.  For you are mine.  Focus, My love, I am here.

Listen to My still small voice.  I am the resurrection and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.  My Father is very pleased with you.  We love you and will live forever with you soon.  Patience is a key, a very special key in My Kingdom.  Do not endeavor to rush out ahead of Me and My plans.  Fully submit, fully yield all to Me, Obey all My instructions.

 NO, you may NOT DO ZUMBA!  Do not ask again!

My will for you right now is for you to keep abiding in Me.  Patiently waiting for Me to reveal more and more of Myself in My timing as I see fit.  Keep coming before Me daily as a sacrifice of praise, and as a sacrifice of worship.  I will provide for you.  I will always take care of you.  Patience is a great virtue and will unlock many doors into My Kingdom.  I am here.  Do not be afraid to draw-near.  I will never leave you alone.  Rest in Me.  You are safe in Me.  Nothing shall by any means hurt or harm you as you rest in Me.  I am THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT.  You know My TRUTH and you have My LIGHT.  We shall do great things together, follow Me.  Do not let anyone or anything hinder you.  Have faith, increase your faith.  Make yourself strong in Me.  I am here.

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