Friday, May 16, 2014

Hearing God - March 10, 2013

You didn't pray yesterday, you need to pray daily to be filled with Me.  I can only lead you as far as your obedience to Me.  I can only fill you in your filling times which are:  Waiting on Me, Praying to Me, Reading My Word, and meditating on Me and My Word.

  You have an active part in our relationship.  I will not just hand over the Keys to My Kingdom.  You have to participate with Me.  You have to stay hungry for Me.  You have to want to seek Me out daily.  Do Not grow weary, Do Not forsake what we are building.  These times when you come to Me are precious to Me and they should be precious to you.  By your actions, I can tell where your heart is, Do Not let the cares of this world distract you from Me.  You need Me now more than ever and I would like to use you in My end-time army, but, you must do your part.

 I am about to flip a switch that will bring the world to it's knees and they will still not realize that it's Me they need.  They cannot save themselves.  Only I can save, Only I can heal them, Only I can satisfy the longing of their hearts.

  I am doing a new thing in the earth.  My righteousness will be seen and felt by everyone.  My righteousness is going to cover the earth.  My love is a consuming fire.  What looks dead, I will revive, what looks hopeless, I will restore, what seems impossible I will make possible for I am the God of the impossible.

 Keep your lamp full, do not lose your oil.  Stay full and walk in My paths.  My paths are full of righteousness, peace and love.  Do not let the cares of the world blind you to Me.  Stay on the course that I have set you on.  Do not look to the right or the left of you to see what is happening to others.  Remember I have set you in Goshen, and no harm shall befall you, I am your source in all things.

 Do not watch the news, Do not look at the websites or you-tubers that are not of Me.  Do Not get focused on the things happening in the world.  Focus only on Me!  Focus only on Me!  I will lead you through all things.  Do Not take your eyes off of Me, not for a moment, Do Not stop praying in tongues it is a lifeline to you now, DO NOT back off in your pursuit of Me, it is a lifeline to you now, DO NOT allow yourself at anytime to live in fear.  There is No fear in Me.  I am your all sufficient one.  Rebuke fear immediately, DO NOT let it get a stronghold on you.  Rebuke fear immediately.  Stand your ground.

Remember, I test My true ones.  I test often.  Guard your gates.  The onslaught has begun in earnest now.  Stay ready, stay prepared.

Remember Passover, keep it this year diligently, this is a very special time-clock in My calendar of end-time events.  Anoint your windows and cars.  Much evil is going to come forth at passover and you need to be prepared.  The death angel is coming, use olive oil, use My name, use My hand and use My blood, above all stand in the armor of God.  All will go well with you child, I am here, I will guide you in all things you see coming upon the earth, these things I will use to cleanse My earth, I will recover all, I will restore to My original plan.

  Mourning may endure for a night, but, joy comes in the morning. Let My light shine in you, upon you and through you.  Let love abide and guide you in all things.  I love you My little dove.  We are on a remarkable journey together and it is going to be glorious.  TRUST Me child, TRUST ONLY ME!

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