Friday, May 30, 2014

Hearing God - May 27, 2014

I am here child.  I see you.  I see how you are mindful of Me.  I see how you are focused on Me each day.  I see you draw near, I hear your heart as it longs to hear from Me.  I see your patience, I see your endurance.  I see your faith.  I see you resting in Me.  I see you trusting in Me.  I see you waiting on Me day after day for your instructions.  This pleases Me, My little one, this pleases Me.  It is well with thee and Me.  I shall never leave thee, you are Mine.  I shall provide for your every need.  We are one you and I.  Never doubt or concern yourself with My ability to save you.  I am here, I never leave you for a moment.  You are strong in Me, My little one.  I love you.  I want you to give out the rest of the bibles you have at hospitals, pharmacies, Dr. offices, place them wherever I tell you.  Keep one with you at all times.  I am raising up an army now to show forth My Glory and My power.  You My dear one are a part of this end-time army.  All of My Bride is a part of this strong and beautiful army.  Much shall be required of each of you, but, I shall be there every step of the way.  I shall lead and guide each of you.  Do not rush out ahead of Me.  Only follow as I lead, day by day.  We shall take each step together.  Moment by moment, breathe in, breathe out, can you feel My Peace, then walk in it.  IF My Peace leaves you, stop and wait for it.  My Peace is a sign I am with you.  My Peace is within you.  Follow after Me in peace.  Each step you take I am here with you.  Can you feel Me, I am in the quiet, gentle place of peace within each of you.  If you look within you shall find Me.  For I am in you, follow after Peace.  My Peace I placed within each soul.  Peace, be still and know Me.

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