Friday, May 30, 2014

Hearing God - May 26, 2014

Oh My beloved I am here.  It pleases Me that you are reading brother Cho's book, you are receiving much information that will help you grow in Me.  I have given you the spirit of discernment.  Now is the time to start walking in your authority and abilities.  As you continue on this path you will find more gemstones and jewels.  These shall help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of Me.  I am your source.  I am your strength.  I am your guide.  Much shall be given to you and much shall be required of you.  I am your King.  I am your Creator.  I am your God.  I created you like Me.  Your words have power.  Your thoughts have power.  As you live and dwell in Me, I live and dwell in you.  We are becoming more and more bonded.  You in Me and I in you.  Nothing and no one shall be able to separate Us.  For you are Mine.  I love how you are growing in Me.  I love how your faith is growing.  I love how your confidence is growing.  You are one with Me.  You see and hear Me clearly.  You need only to peer into the looking glass and see your reflection, for you My love are reflecting Me.  I shall use you to heal many.  Do not doubt Me when I show you something.  Just speak it forth and I shall do it by My power, the Holy Spirit who worketh within you by My Mighty power.  Your destiny now is unfolding.  Child, do not shrink back, for I am here leading you.  Only believe.  Only believe.

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