Friday, May 16, 2014

Hearing God - May 16, 2014

Note:  Silence...long pause....twenty minutes or so, I wrote "I heard nothing" and was about to go do something else...then I heard this:

That's not true, you did hear something.  I said I am not pleased with your actions or words last night.

Note: pause again, while I repented...

It is important, more important than ever that you walk in love.  I know you feel separated and distant from everyone in the world, because you are, I have separated you to Myself.  It is not your time yet.  You are to remain hidden and sheltered in Me.

 Do not compare yourself to others.  Only compare yourself to yourself.  Do not allow strife, envy or bitterness to rest in you.  As it bubbles up, Repent, and if it continues to stay, Rebuke it, and I shall remove it, for it is the scum and dross that is coming out of you in My refining fire.  I put you into this situation to draw this out of you...but, if you are stubborn and refuse to bow your knee and acknowledge your error and repent it will stay in you, and you shall keep every stain.

When you recognize the battle and quickly repent, I cleanse you and We move on together.  You shall never stop growing in Me.  Remember, LOVE is the Key.  Most of your battles shall be on the inside of you.  You must be quicker to recognize the battle and engage the enemy for the sooner you do, the sooner you shall be released from the battle.  You prolong the battle by not recognizing it, not walking in love and letting your flesh reign.  You are to walk in Love.  When you walk in love you shall face very few battles, for nothing can quench love.

 When you feel the works of the flesh rising in you ask Me to help you quench them with LOVE.  Let love arise and your enemies will scatter.

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