Monday, May 19, 2014

Hearing God - may 19, 2014

Song:  "The Lord thy God, the Lord thy God, in the midst of thee, in the midst of thee, is Mighty, is Mighty..."

I am in you child, I have always been in you.  Much of what you are learning has been hidden from you.  But now you are awakening to the Truth.  It's a process.  I reveal a little at a time.  I let it sink in and be absorbed.  There is much to learn in My word about Me.  Keep your mind open and teachable to Me.  Much is happening and being downloaded into you now.  There is nothing to fear.  I am here with you.  Keep coming.  Keep waiting.  Keep pondering on what I am revealing to you.  As you seek Me, as you seek the Truth I shall reveal Myself more and more to you.  Keep chewing the cud.  Drop all of the false doctrines you have grown up with and Trust Me to be your teacher.  I will put many people in your spiritual path now to share what they have been given, this shall allow you to grow more quickly.  Many hidden gems are in your path.  Now as you uncover each one, you are beginning to see more and more clearly.  I shall not hide Myself from you.  For by your continual coming, you have found Me for yourself and now, We shall never be parted.  For you know Me and I know you.  I love you and you love Me.  We love each other.  Keep coming to Me.  Keep pondering and asking questions.  I am here.

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