Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hearing God - May 17, 2014

Song:  "Praise the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..."

You are My beloved dove and I am well pleased with thee.  I want you to buy Anna's books and study them, do a deep study of them.  For you to know Truth you must delve in and search for it.  For you to know the answers you must engage Me with questions.  If you seek=question, I will give you the answers.  I am here to help you, all you have to do is ask.  As you come and wait, as you meditate, ponder and chew the cud, over and over My revelations will reveal themselves to you.  For I shall give you as much of Me as you truly want.   I am coming for you, stay ready, keep your faith.  Do Not lose your hope.  Stay strong and close to Me, even when I'm silent, I am here.  Do Not doubt that I am here in your midst.

Vision:  My home is invaded by soldiers and we are caught off guard.  We are forcibly being taken somewhere else, I am dressed, the rest of my family is in their pj's and asleep.  We are grabbing stuff quickly, and I grab our backpacks, I am glad they are packed and ready.  My husband is planning on killing the soldiers and escaping, but I say no...I am listening to the spirit of God on what to do...then I say we are supposed to be the vision fades I hear this song:  "Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered..."

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