Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hearing God - May 25, 2014

War is coming.  Prepare yourself.  I Am in the midst of thee.  I will protect thee.  Stay close.  On this memorial day weekend, a time of reflection, a pause, a remembrance of how much your country has been saved from.  The horrors of war have been stayed from your shores.  But, now My hand is lifted, so be it.  You shall witness many horrible things.  But, I shall protect you for I have placed you in the land of Goshen.  I shall provide for you and I shall abundantly bless your life in the midst of war in your land.  Stay close.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am your source.  I dwell in you.  I am close.  You hear Me clearly.  I shall never leave thee, I love you My little one.  It is well with thee.  We shall walk this path together, day by day.  As you live in Me, I shall guide you day by day.  Do not fear.  Do not be dismayed by the horrors you shall see in your own land.  I will strengthen your heart to endure.  We are one.  You are My portion, do not fear.  I shall take care of all your needs.  I am here with you beloved.   The time has come to set My house in order.  I have already dealt with you as you have come and submitted your will and yielded to My will.  Now I shall finish My work in you.  I am here.

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