Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hearing God - May 22, 2014

Song:  "I'm an over comer...stay in the fight till the final round, I'm not going under...I'm an over comer..."

Listen to the birds My love, My dove.  They sing to Me, they lift their voices in praise and worship.  They rely fully on Me to meet all their needs.  You also arise and sing My praises.  You also rely fully on Me to meet all of your needs.  This pleases Me.  Today and everyday you must walk in love.  I shall be with you in all that you do.  Fear not.  You are an over comer.  Pay attention to My words.  My instructions will bring life and health to you in the days ahead.  I am here.  I never leave you alone.  Much is about to happen My little one.  Stay close.  Stay resting in Me.  I've got you.  I will lead you through each task.  You are secure in Me.  Many shall run in fear.  But, you My child, stay, do not leave your area, there shall truly be no safe places on earth for anyone, except My chosen few, for My chosen have been, and will be protected in the midst of great suffering and calamities.  I have placed you in Goshen.

 You shall be in the midst of much suffering all around you.  But, you shall be safe and secure in the midst of it all.  For I have already judged you and you have yielded and submitted to My cleansing.  You are right with Me, My love, stay the course you are on.  DO NOT run out in fear.  Stay close to Me.  Talk to Me constantly as things come up.  Ask Me for direction and help.  I shall speak to you.  Listen to Me.  Heed My voice only.  Trust Me, I shall never leave you.  When I am silent do not change anything.  I am testing you.  Only believe.  All things are possible, only believe.

 You are on a great mission for Me, I shall be the one, the only One to send you out.  Stay with Me child.  Hold fast to Me in everything.  I am here.  I shall lead, instruct and direct you.  Change nothing, unless I tell you to.  You must remain laser-focused on Me each day.  Lift up your head, lift up your eyes, lift up your heart to Me only.  I shall never leave you alone.  For you are My beloved dove, in whom I am well pleased.

 When I call you, you shall come away with Me into a quiet place of rest.  I shall send you, but I shall go with you every step of the way.  You shall be used of Me in My timing.  Soon My Bride, soon We shall dance at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Then We shall speak face to face of what you are to do for Me.  Walk in love with all men.

 I have given you a spirit of discernment, use it, you shall need much discernment in the days ahead.  As I live, you shall live in Me with no limits.  For I live in you and I am limitless.  Blessed are those who have not seen, YET they believe.  How beautiful they are to Me.   I shall reward all My true followers with their hearts desire of more and more of Me.  Behold, I come.

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