Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hearing God - May 21, 2014

Song:  "The Lord thy God X2, in the midst of thee X2, is Mighty X2, and He shall reign in the midst of thee, forever and ever..."

Child I AM in the midst of thee, Keep Me ever before thee.  I heard your prayer last night and I shall use you dear one.  You are being prepared for My Kingdom.  I live in you.  I am grooming you now for your destiny.  My life in you is strong.  Your life in Me is secure.  You are wrapped up and tied up in Me now.  I see you, I see all that you are going through.  My child you are one with Me.  I live in you and you live in Me.  Many are seeking the Truth, but, have not found the path to Me yet. They are going the wrong way.  You, My child, shall show them the way.  You shall point them to Me.  By following your example many shall find their way home to Me.  Do not worry about what to say.  You shall lead by example.  I shall fill your mouth with My words.  I shall use you to set the captives free.  Freely you shall be given and freely you shall give to all who ask.  I am your guide.  I am the only judge.  Much shall happen soon.  Stay close My little one.  Dwell and abide in Me.  I am your only guide.  I have great plans for thee with Me.  Stay alert.  You are Mine and I'm coming for you soon.

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