Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning- June 30, 2014

My child seek Me first and the doors of revelation shall be opened to you.  Nothing shall be held back from you.  As you seek to know, you shall be given more and more understanding.  I am the keeper of the keys of all wisdom and understanding.  I have come to you before, but you were fearful and not ready to hear, to understand and to obey.  But, now I have been testing you and you have passed and now you are ready to hear, ready to understand, and mostly ready to obey.  You shall be given many revelatory gifts as you are able to understand, you shall be given more and more as you progress in this understanding.  Do not rush into anything, for this is a process of unfolding more of Me and removing the layers or veils that have kept My secrets from thee.  I have longed for this moment of time in your journey in Me and now it is upon you.  You are ready now My love.  You have been counted worthy to receive much, much more of Me.  My Spirit rests within you now and your spirit rests within Me.  Our relationship is deeply rooted in trust and love.  I trust you to follow Me and you trust Me to lead you.  You shall not follow a stranger.  Only Me and My voice shall you be willing to hear and obey.  You have tuned your ear to My frequency only and you shall not be deceived in the coming deception that is about to unfold on your earth and in your nation.  Do not be shocked at what you shall see in the days ahead.  Know this, I have prepared your mind to be strong in Me for the battle cometh upon the land and is entering into the minds of man and manifesting in the physical as We speak.  You shall see and hear of many abominable and unfathomable things going on in your nation and world daily now.  Do not lose heart, for I have prepared your heart with the courage of a lion, oh My love you are as gentle as a dove and as quiet as a lamb, this is because you are fully secure in Me.  You are fully established and faithful in My plans and timing.  You are flowing strongly in the winds of My Spirit upon you My love.  Breathe in, Breathe out, I am with you.  Nothing shall happen now that I don't allow.  Remember, I shall protect you always.  Keep coming and waiting upon Me for this is truly where your strength comes from.  Oh the plans I have for thee are truly remarkable.  I shall send My messengers out two by two soon.  Be patient, in your waiting.  I know your beautiful patience My love.  All of the spirit realm has heard of your patience, yes the battle is increasing across your land and upon all the earth.  But, know this, My dear one, I am here with you, stay close, I shall direct your path for We are one My love.

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