Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hearing God - June 18, 2014

As I was waiting upon the Lord this morning.  I asked Him a question:  What do you want to tell me about how to live?

and this is what He said:

 You are to live each day in Me.  You are to walk, talk, act, and re-act to circumstances in Me.  As I would do, so you should imitate Me.  I am in you child.  I live big in you.  I am the limitless God.  Do not keep Me limited by what you have known about Me yesterday.  You are receiving much knowledge about Me daily and you are to use it to walk in your authority.  I have given you dominion in Me.  As you are yielded and submitted to Me you can walk in your dominion and authority.  Do not allow the deceiver to thwart you in any way.  I am with you at all times wherever you are.  You are never alone.  You should always keep your focus on Me and also keep your true identity of who you are in the forefront of your mind.  Also, keep your mind stayed on positive, pure and holy thoughts.  If negative thoughts come cast them out and focus on something positive. If you are being bombarded with a trail of incoming negative thoughts, know this, this is an attack to bring you out of peace, joy and love which is My Kingdom.  You should rebuke and cast them out, then stop, quiet yourself and pray in tongues till you break through the attack and are centered in My peace once again. I desire you to live in My Kingdom as much as possible on earth.  I desire you to express My Kingdom as much as possible on earth.  My Kingdom is within you, you must let it out.  Love , joy, peace and righteousness are the fruits of My Kingdom.  Walk in your authority and dominion.

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