Monday, June 16, 2014

Hearing God - June 14, 2014

As you come and linger here with Me, resting in My presence I fill you with My oil.  I examine your garments, and I read your heart.  It is well with thee My beloved.  Oh so many do not come and linger at My well, they are so busy with the cares of the world there is no time for Me.  I am just a side-note to them.  It is a pity, for I have much to say and I have much to give.  My love, My dove you are safe and secure in Me.  Dwell in Me and think upon Me often today.  Carry Me with you as you journey through your day.  I love you and I love spending this time with you, alone, one on one.  It is beautiful to Me child.  For you come willingly into My presence to wait upon Me, you sit at My feet and quietly listen for Me to speak.  If you do not hear, you do not leave, you wait.  I have tested you in this and you have passed.  I have raised you to a new level in Me.  Your faith is growing.  Your mind is constantly being renewed.  You are continually growing in Me.  As you look upon Me and focus upon Me you're changing more and more into a reflection of Me.  I can see My reflection in you.  Change is now coming into you.  I am molding and shaping you into My image and likeness.  You shall walk like Me and talk like Me and act like Me.  The invisible is becoming very visible to you.  As you learn of Me you grow.  As you draw near and soak in My presence you are strengthened, refreshed, and renewed.  Beloved you are loved and cherished by Me and My Father.  To dream is to know Me.  I shall place in your heart My dreams and desires for you, and they shall become your dreams and desires, as you recognize them, I shall bring them forth, and We shall work together in these dreams.  I shall use you My little one.  Be patient, Wait Upon Me.

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