Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God - June 27, 2014

Yes, My child I am always here.  I watch over all you do and I see all that is going on around you.  Oh, My love I shall protect and provide for you.  All that you need shall come from Me.  All that I ask is that you Trust Me and do not allow yourself to doubt Me, and My provision.  Many people are being tested.  Many more are about to be tested.  My hand is shaking the earth and the people of the earth.  Much is happening now that you do not see.  Only the awakened ones can see what is coming with understanding.  For I am revealing more and more to My children.  As you come and linger at My well, I pour into you more and more of My spirit.  Look closely child do you see Me in you.  Do you realize My power and resources living in your earthen vessel.  I am here.  Lean into Me, sink deeply into My presence and stay in Me.  Living, breathing, and moving in Me and with Me.  More change is coming Be ready child.  Stand guard at your gates.  Seek Me for what to do when you are not sure what you should be doing.  I am willing to lead you, if you are willing to follow.  My people, rejoice now for I shall give you the desires of your heart, a full measure of Me, of My presence, of My love, enter in.  I am pouring out the new wine, sing My children and drink deeply from My cup of affection.  For I shall cause you to triumph in every storm.  Do not be afraid for I your King is come, I am here.

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