Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God - June 21, 2014

I am here child, I was with you today as you journeyed through each hour.  Things did not go as originally planned, and you kept your cool and remained at peace in Me.  Your words were positive, loving, and kind as you encountered people, and interacted with your family.  I use your family to push and pull and prod you to see if there is any scum that needs to be removed.  You are yielded and submitted completely now dear one so there is not much left to bubble up as scum that needs to be removed.  As you felt your emotions wanting to flare up you checked yourself and did not allow any negative or angry feelings to cause careless words to spill out.  You quieted yourself and remained in Me.  This is a sure sign of maturity in My Kingdom.  Walking in love is not easy, but it is necessary to remain in My peace.  I love you and you love others through Me flowing through you in the form of My Holy Spirit.  Remember child, I test, test, test all of My children.  You passed today.  Blessed be the name of the Lord that always causes you to triumph in all your tests and trials.  Beloved you are strong. You are mine.  I am leading you ever onward in your constant pursuit of Me.  I love how you are faithful in your pursuit of Me.  There is no time between us for We are one in spirit and our goal is the same, to draw as close to one another as possible.  I long for alone time with you as much as you long for alone time with Me.  We are bonded and melted together in love.  You are My beautiful Bride in whom I love and long to be with.  Where ever you go, you carry Me for you are an ambassador for Me.  You represent Me in the flesh for all the world to see.  As you journey out, Remember, you carry Me, be diligent in listening to My voice in the midst of all the noise around you.  Beloved, listen for My direction, and My leading.  I am with you always, pay close attention as you are interacting with others.  I want to share many things with you, but you must be careful to hear.  Tomorrow, as you go about your day, lean inward, listen, focus on My creation around you more than you have been, and I will reveal many things to you.  I love you child, are you seeking Me more and more.  I have told you over and over to seek after Me with your whole heart.  Oh, how I love to see you diligently seek Me out, in hot pursuit of Me.  Stay close little one.  Come closer.

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