Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hearing God -December 26, 2013

***note:  I want to share with you two songs that the holy spirit gave me in December of last year...I can tell you the first song "Come away with Me" the Holy Spirit sings to me frequently now when He wants to draw me to Him..He wakes me up with it, He stops me from doing the dishes, laundry, etc. with it...

"Come away with Me - ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Come away with Me - ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

Into a place of peace, My quiet place of rest

Come away with Me - ah-ah-ah-ah-ah"
(this is now my favorite song ever)

The second is called "Moment by Moment", I have a quickening in my spirit with this one today and it is reverberating in me strongly, I have a sense of knowing the change is starting.  I am not sure if I am supposed to share them, He has not told me to, but I have an unction to put these up as well.

"Moment by moment the day shall come

Moment by moment the day draws near

Moment by moment and I shall hear

The Mystery comes

Is this the one

Is this the one my soul longs for

Is this the one that will open every door"
(repeat song as the spirit leads you)

yours in Christ,

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