Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God - June 24, 2014

I asked a question:  Lord what would you like to tell me today?

He responded:  I loved watching you enjoy My world today.  I loved hearing you give Me praise as you snorkeled around enjoying My fish, warm water, and coral reefs.  These things are just a few of the awe-inspiring  and wondrous things I have created for you to enjoy in your world.  I planned for mankind to live in peace and unity with the earth and each other.  But due to the ugliness in the hearts of men My once beautiful and pristine creation is crumbling in decay and ruin due to man's stewardship of My earth.  So I shall rescue My people, My chosen ones who are Mine and ever mindful of Me.  Now I shall raise you up above the others.  I shall favor you with My hand of blessing while many are pained and suffering, you My love, My dear one shall walk in My blessing and abundance, you shall have no lack.  Whatsoever you shall put your hands to I shall prosper.  I love all of My little ones.  No one can pluck them from My hand for I shall surely provide for My own.  Nothing good shall be withheld from My beloved, for when I call them they shall answer Me.  They shall come and heed My call.  I am in charge of all of My own.  The dis-obedient ones shall not be favored but My obedient ones shall eat the good of the land.  Oh, My beloved, My dove I shall lead you by the hand into greener pastures day by day.  As you dwell in the center of My hand, nothing shall by any means harm you or distract you from Me.  I am here with you, I never leave you.  I love you with an everlasting love and My heart warms when you think upon Me and draw Me in to whatever you're doing, or wherever you're going.  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  You My dear are constantly focusing on Me and thinking upon Me and you are grateful and thankful for the beautiful things you experience daily.  Daily I find you thanking Me.  Daily I find you loving Me.  Daily I find you wanting to experience more of Me.  Daily I find your heart turned toward Me in love and worship.  Daily I find you constantly aware of My presence.  This blesses Me when My children dwell in Me and long for Me as I long for them.  There is a place in Me that few enter in, they do not venture to come into My presence and wait.  They have no desire to build their relationship with Me.  If only they would enter in, and discover Me for themselves they would never go back to their old ways.  They always have a choice, everyone does.  You My child, My love, My dear have chosen well, you have developed in our relationship  and you know Me and are constantly in My presence, for you dwell in Me.  I love you My dove, you are most at home in Me, and there's no place like home.  Sleep well My beloved.

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