Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God - June 19, 2014

My child, I'm here, I am with you.  All is well with thee.  I shall make your passage safe.  Do not worry, Do not fear.  As you journey out carry Me with you and invite Me into every moment with you.  For you know I never leave you.  Focus on Me surrounding you, and all of My creation that you encounter as you journey out look closely for I am in it.  Look at the people, become a people watcher. Look closely for I am in each one.  Sometimes I am hidden so deeply inside a person that even they do not realize I am there.  Some people have yielded so deeply to Me that you can see Me radiating out of their faces.  Watch and learn.  Be still and listen in the crowd, as you watch, I shall speak.  I shall tell you who to pray for.  I shall tell you who to speak to if I want you to speak.  If I tell you to speak, don't think about what I want you to say.  I will fill your mouth with My words.  As you watch and observe people, quietly pray in tongues and let My Ruach Ha Kodesh pray through you.  You are My vessel and I will pray through you and use you on this journey.  You will meet a man.  He will speak profound things to you.  Listen closely.  As you come under a bridge, watch the water closely, I want to show you something.  Listen constantly for My voice on your journey.  I am tender, merciful and kind.  Walk like Me, talk like Me, act like Me and re-act to your circumstances like Me.  I am love.  Walk in your authority and dominion.  I will be with you.  I will protect you.  Love is patient, love is kind, love bears no record of wrongs done to it, love forgives.  Love is truly all you need.  I love you little one.  Now go in love and it will go well with thee.

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