Monday, June 16, 2014

Hearing God - June 15, 2014

My dear one you are faithful and I love you.  You must prepare your heart now.  Trust Me, do not fear what you may see now coming upon your world or already operating in it.  Much is unfolding now.  You are safe and secure in Me.  Walk closely to Me daily My little one.  Trust Me in everything that touches your life.  I will not disappoint you.  You My beloved have chosen to dwell in My courts.  You have chosen to live in Me and wait upon Me.  You have chosen to listen for My still small voice and hear Me.  Oh My love, I love how you love Me.  I will live big in you and all My chosen vessels who have chosen Me.  This is the path that I have placed you on.  Do not detour down a different road, stay on this path.  Do not, DO NOT allow fear to invade you, it's goal is to shut down your faith and to shut down your ability to create with your words.  You have battled this spirit many times in your past and you have overcome.  Now, do not waiver in standing your ground when this or any other illegal spirit tries to bluff you.  You are strong and secure in Me.  I have given you many valuable gifts in the spirit, now when faced with any challenge call on Me, Remember, I am always right here with you.  My angels are on alert, they will react for you at the mention of My word.  For My love is in My word and My word is powerful and alive.  My love is My life force.  Nothing can quench My love.  I go before you, and I walk beside you and I go behind you.  Have no fear.  I am with you.  Stand strong in Me.  Be Ready.

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