Friday, June 13, 2014

Hearing God - June 13, 2014

Oh My child you are learning much of Me and what pleases Me.  As you enter into learning the temple prayer style or technique you shall come into My presence in a fuller way.  For as you press into seeking Me out above all else I shall dwell in you richly.  Many say they love Me, but they do not follow Me or My ways.  We shall never be close unless you follow after Me and pursue Me.  To have a real relationship with Me requires time.  You must spend time with Me.  You must invest in getting to know Me personally.  I am not a distant God.  I am close.  I desire to speak to you personally and I desire to hear you as you speak to Me personally.  You can reveal to Me all of your secrets.  I will not be shocked.  I know everything about you.  But, I will not intrude on your life and force you to come to Me.  But, know this, I am here now in the form of My precious Holy Spirit the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  I am tender, loving, kind, and merciful with you all.  But, soon I shall come and reveal Myself to you all in a different way to get your attention.  Do not be deceived.  I am not a man that I should lie.  I will reward each of you according to your own lives.  Whether you have come to know Me and lived a life with Me or remained separated from Me, doing whatever you fancied to do.  Those who trust in the systems of the world shall be sorely disappointed, shocked, and dismayed.  Those who Trusted in Me and allowed our relationship to grow and develop intimately shall be protected, sheltered, provided for and loved.  I will be with My people.  I will bless all of My little ones.  They shall not live in fear for I have already prepared their hearts for the days ahead and what's coming.  My chosen vessels shall live in My glory I shall be with all of My own, We shall arise and show forth My glory together.  It is beautiful when My children honor Me in their lives and put Me first above all the earthly distractions.  For they seek Me above all else and this is beautiful to Me and I am well pleased with them.

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