Monday, June 16, 2014

Hearing God - June 16, 2014

Note:  as I was doing my laundry I heard the Lord speak "Stop what you are doing child.  Come, make the world go away and come away with Me."  so I obeyed.
...and this is what I heard...
I will always be with you children, I am not distant.  I am here.  Even though you may not sense Me, for your senses have been burned.  Even though you may not see Me physically, for your eyes still may be blinded with scales.  Even though you may not hear Me, for you still could have stoppers in your ears to make you deaf.  You must know, NOW, I am here with you, you are never alone.

This is part of the deception to keep Me hidden from you and to keep you separated from Me.  But know this, children of the world, I created all of you.  I love you even though you still do not know Me.  I tell you the Truth.  I am here.  The battle is intensifying now.  You must come to Me, and ask Me to show Myself to you, ask Me to help you.  Ask Me to open your ears and eyes to see Me and hear Me so that you too can know Me.  I am not distant from any of you.  I am here, but, you must venture behind the veil of what you have always known.

Trust in Me, many will come in My name "Jesus" and present themselves as Me, but you must test these spirits.  Remember, I will help you.  I want to awaken you from your slumber, I am inside of each of you.  You must choose who you will serve.  There are two inside of you.  Awake oh sleepers awake.  Will you call upon Me to lead and guide you in the path that you should follow or will you continue on the dangerous path of self and go your own way.  I beseech you to trust Me.  Call upon Me and I will answer thee.  If you search for Me and are sincere I shall answer you.  But, if you do not, I will stand idly by and watch as things overtake you and you sink into utter despair.  come to Me now to prepare you for the battle that is coming to your own front door.  Be wise, I am the only one who can help you.

  Come and ask Me all of your questions.  You must come to know Me, read My word and learn of My characteristics and virtues.  I am God and there is no other.  But, there are many deceptive and powerful spirits that seek your demise.  You must choose for yourself who you will serve.  I have set before you life and death.  Choose wisely little ones.  I'm watching.  I'm waiting for you.  Oh how I love you all.

But, you must choose for yourself.  Come to Me and ask Me to help you choose.  Come and let Us reason together.  Ask Me to remove the veils.  There is no time left to delay.  My plans are unfolding.  Change is upon you all.  Remember, I am in the change.

  Stay close My little one, sheltered under My wing.  I see you. I shall protect you My dove, My precious child, for you are yielded to Me, you are resting in Me and you are fully Trusting Me in every area of your life.  You come, you listen and you obey.  Share these words My love, for the bread crumb trail is picking up the strays.  I am pleased with thee My love.  Keep coming.  Love Yeshua Ha Ma Shiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your King of kings and Lord of lords.

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