Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God - June 22, 2014

Oh My love, I enjoyed watching you enjoy the beauty of the ocean today.  It blessed Me to hear you thanking Me for giving you an opportunity to see it and experience it personally for yourself.  You expressed Me well today.  I enjoyed your company as you carried Me with you today.  I love you.  I created this world in beauty and majesty for all of mankind to enjoy and treasure.  So few truly see the beauty within each day.  So few take the time to see Me in their surroundings and experiences.  But, you My child, keep Me ever close in your heart, and you are steadfast and focused on Me.  This pleases Me.  For I created you to live just like this, fellowshipping with Me as you do your own husband and children.  You know Me intimately, and are growing closer and closer to Me each day.  I enjoy spending time with you My love.  I love when you invite Me in, and carry Me with you, We are one. 

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