Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hearing God - June 10, 2014

The creative flow child that comes to you in words from Me IS the act of waiting upon Me.  I am always here.  But for you to hear Me clearly, you must come away with Me into a quiet place of rest.  Me and you - privately alone.  Speaking and listening and just being together in communion is your most important thing to do each day.  I alone long to see you, by My side talking and listening.  You are My friend, for you come to talk to Me and listen to Me.  It is well with thee, My little one, you are safe and secure completely sheltered under My wings.  I nourish you, I strengthen you, I live in you as you live in Me.  Always stay conscious of Me, in you and around you.  I truly watch over you daily.  As you are focusing on Me, you are becoming more and more aware of My presence around you.  You are My chosen, My elect, My Bride.  Hold fast to all that I have taught you.  My jewel, you are being tested.  Do not doubt My leading you, cast off all restraint and follow hard after Me.  Your journey is with Me. As you come daily to Me, I grow more and more in love with you for I can see your heart, it is at peace in Me and it truly loves Me.  I know you My child, you are faithful to Me.  We are truly bonded.  Your best days are ahead.  Release all your days to Me.  Ask Me to give you creative dreams and visions.  I am willing, come My beloved come and walk on the water with Me, I will not fail you.  Come, press in child, I am here.  I see you, I love you little one.  You are always on My mind.  I will come for you.  Wait patiently for Me.  Spend more time now soaking in My presence.  We are so beautiful together-two hearts beating as one.  Rest now, My love, I am here.

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