Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 28, 2014

I will tell you the song in My timing.  But it is good to keep asking to know, it shows Me where your heart is.  Always focused on me and what is to come.  Never stop believing and never stop doubting for you shall see me very soon My dear one, My Kingdom comes now for all to see.  I am here.  I am revealing Myself to many.  The whole earth shall know My Name and there shall be no doubt of who I am.  For I am the I AM and there is no other.  I look forward to our time together child, I study every heart and every action.  Do not grow weary in seeking Me My dove for I am testing your faithfulness and long suffering.  Many say they love Me, but they do not come.  They do not wait upon Me, they have not learned My ways for they are too busy doing everything their way.  I alone know the way of peace.  I alone know the way of Rest.  My peace and rest are known only to My true and faithful ones who seek Me out, who dwell in Me.  In the quiet, in the stillness I can be found.  Draw near and give your ear and I shall reveal some of My mysterious ways.  I shall be found by all who truly draw near.  My path is quiet, only the humble shall find it.  My path is narrow, it's My way not yours.  My path is solitary, you must be willing to walk alone with me, I shall share you with no other.  On this solitary, quiet and narrow road I shall meet you and we shall walk together.  All roads do not lead home.  Few are willing to make this journey.  For it shall require all of thee.  I shall be first.  I have prepared the way, it's the narrow road and the journey is a solitary one.  many claim to know Me but they only know about me, they do not know me personally.  You can only truly know someone when you spend time with them.  To find Me, you must come away and separate yourself from all distractions, quiet yourself and listen, read My word and pray, I am here.  I am watching each and every one of you.  I know who is truly mine.  To know Me will cost you everything, are you willing to lay everything aside and know Me.  Are you willing to take the narrow road.  Are you willing to be alone with Me.  If you seek Me you shall find me for I am near, I am waiting for you.  My precious quiet dove has found the narrow way.  She walks alone with me in a quiet place of My Rest and My peace.  She has made her home in Me.  I am pleased with you My little gentle dove.  For you have chosen to put Me first in every day.  You are truly focused on me moment by moment.  I love you, We love you, you are ours and We shall never let you go.  You live with Us now in your temple.  We dwell together and We journey together.  Arise My love, My gentle dove and I shall reveal My Kingdom.  Go about your day and express My Kingdom through you.  Let love flow.  In the midst of every day and moment love can be released and grow and spread.  To love is to be in the spirit.  For love is a spirit and it's tangible you can feel it.  John was in the spirit on the Lord's day.  Means he was simply worshiping and expressing his love for Me when I took him into a vision.

For you see "love" is a spirit and it is tangible.  meaning it can be felt.  Also, it grows and matures and develops deep roots.  True love never dies.  It can never be destroyed.  It's impossible to quench it or put it's fire out.  If it's truly love it will last for it has an eternal flame that comes from me.  I am love.  many people think they have love but not many truly find the real thing.  Love is not haughty or prideful.  Love cares not for riches or things.   Love is patient.  Love is kind.  Love forgives, it does not bare record of the wrongs done to it.  Love is long suffering, I am love and these are some of My attributes.

Study the love chapters in them you will find oil.  1 Corinthians 13.

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