Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 24, 2014

I am here child, I love you.  I love our time together.  When We are together We grow and sink deeper into one another.  My grace covers you My dear one.  We are unified and strong.  United We stand.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  Do not doubt that you are hearing Me loud and clear.  It is not your time yet to get other messages.  For I am working on you and your hearing, and your faith, and your love.  I am molding you into My image and likeness.  You are strong and secure in Me.  Much is going to happen quickly on your earth.  Many changes are coming.  You shall stand before Me pure and clean.  You are ready to do My work now.  You have been carefully chosen for My purpose, I am alive in thee.  I will show Myself strong in thee.  All your needs shall be met for you are faithful to Me. You are My gentle, quiet dove and I shall make you roar for Me.  In quietness there is strength and honor.  In humbleness there is peace and rest.  This is a quiet place I come to in you.  Much solace and peace is here, for you have found Me, in your search for Me, you have found Me.  You My dear one are much beloved.  I am teaching you much now for you are bridle-ing your tongue.   I have set a guard on your tongue you are My ambassador.  You reflect Me.  As you live in Me and dwell in Me My attributes are able to shine forth in your life.

Don't shut Me out.  Stay with Me.  In quietness and rest My peace comes.  In gentleness and humbleness I am found.  My love is a blanket of protection and an anchor for the soul.  Blessed is the soul who lives, and moves and has their being anchored in Me.  I am your light.  I live in you.  We are journeying together and are about to embark on a mysterious season full of wonder.  I shall be with you.  Let My love pour through you.  My little one you have found peace and rest and it shall not be taken from you.

You have asked Me about the armor and now I shall reveal it to you:

Study My armor and put it on.  Reading My word is a key to putting on My armor.

-The helmet of salvation is the assurance and the foundation of who you are in Me and what I've done for you and your acceptance of Me.

-The Breastplate of Righteousness is how you walk before Me daily.  Be ye holy for I am Holy.

-The belt of Truth is knowing right from wrong.  Having your loins girded about with Truth.  Protects you from stumbling over deception as it tries to snare you.  You shall know the Truth and not believe a lie.

-Shoes with the preparation of the gospel of peace is being ready to give information to people you come in contact with as you walk out your day.  If they ask you about Me it's because I have led them to you, open your mouth and I will fill it with the right words, never take your shoes off, be ready to share what you know.

-The shield of Faith is a protective covering that will guard you from doubt and double mindedness.  keep believing, My little one.  All that I have told you about, I have done and I am able to do for you.  Do not for a single moment lose faith, give up or doubt Me or what I am able to do.

-The sword of the spirit is My living word coupled with your tongue.  Words are powerful and creative.  In any situation you may face, Remember My word and speak it out loud, when it bubbles up from inside you, this is My spirit locking and loading it in you.  You are responsible for wielding this sword and firing it out of your mouth.  My word shall never return void, I live in you now and you must use My word to defeat your enemies as they rise up in your life.  This is why it is so important to study and pour over My word it's like downloading all these mega-bytes of info. into your internal hard drive which will then enable you to  be able to bring it forth as needed from within you.  The more you feed My Holy Spirit within you, you shall roar.
Do not neglect reading My word, it is as important to your spiritual growth as waiting upon Me.   Feed your spirit and My Holy Spirit Daily !!!

We will talk about the armor of light later.  Go child, before the cares of the day crowd in and Read My Word, I have much to share.
Love you

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