Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 2, 2014

Many of My people do not hear Me.  They do not understand how to listen to me.  They must learn how to quiet themselves and remove all distractions from me and focus solely and completely on Me.  This is why I want you to put up every word I share with you, it will be a bread crumb trail for others to find Me as well.  If I personally tell you not to put it up then don't post it.  But, do not let your flesh rule you here.  Even if you feel it's very personal and private put it up, for these words you share of our communication will help many.  These words are not idle, they will serve My purpose.  I will use our communion to feed others and show them the way to Me.  I am here for all who will come and wait upon Me.  if you seek me you will find Me.  I read every heart.  I do not play games.  If you will hear Me and hearken to My instructions and corrections you shall live.  You shall grow richly in My fertile garden.  You shall find peace, comfort and rest in Me.  I am the I AM.  I alone can help you through any difficulty you face.  No one can give you a relationship with Me, you must seek Me out for yourself.  I want and require one on one time with you.  I want you all to know Me personally for yourselves.  You are going to need to hear Me personally for yourselves.  No matter where you are in the world, I can find you, I can help you, only I know the way home.  All roads do not lead home.  I'm calling all of you, I truly love all of you.  I'm calling all of you to come, seek Me out, let Me teach you My ways, let Me comfort you, let Me share your lives.  For you all were created with so much potential and purpose.  You will never be able to do all you were created to do without Me.  I Am God, and there is no other.  The battle is coming to your earth now.  I need to prepare you for what lies ahead.  I need to personally talk to each of you, for each one has a different journey.  Each life is precious and complicated and filed with choices.  I alone can lead you and help you.  I love each of you and each one of you is My desire.  I want to help you.  But, you must come to Me and ask for My help.  I am love and I am the most powerful of all.  Love is a weapon and part of your armor.  Put on love everyday.  Trust Me in all things.  Lean not on your own understanding.  Because, much is coming upon your earth that you will not understand.  The fear factor is going up a notch and you will not know how to deal with the things you have been conditioned in your mind's to be fictional and will in reality become very real.  This is meant to shake you and destroy you.  But, My child, I am here, I want to help you.  But, you must come now to Me.  Come, seek Me out with your whole heart.  Learn of Me.  Get away from all the distractions of your world.  Quiet yourself.  And call upon Me, ask Me, the One and Only, the True God, The Almighty, The Most High God, ask me "If I am real",  ask Me "to show Myself to you", ask Me "to forgive you for all the sin you do and have done".  If you don't know what sin is read My Holy Word and it will reveal much to you.  Ask Me "to help you understand My word".  If you truly want to know Me, and you truly want Me to help you - call upon Me, come and wait upon Me - surly I will answer you.  For I am not a man that I should lie.  I know what you need.  Come, you must come now and hide yourself in Me.  Let Me shield you under the shadow of My wings.  I am near you now.  I desire all to come, come quickly before the door closes on your opportunity, the age of grace and mercy is almost over.  Come quickly.  You need Me.  I am willing to help you, but you must come to Me for yourself.  I will not cast you off if you come now.  I will not call you forever.  Come unto Me and I will give you rest.  I'm calling you child, hear Me, come quickly.  Everything in your world is changing.  Behold, I am here - I will only protect the ones who draw near to Me.  You cannot help yourself, only I can help you.  WAKE UP, OH YOU SLEEPERS!!!

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