Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 30, 2014

My child I know you're tired.  It is good to come and wait before Me.  My faithful servant, I see your heart.  I shall renew your strength.  You shall mount up on eagles wings.  You shall run and not grow weary.  I shall help you through this day.  Trust Me.  I am here with you.  Do not overdo, rest and be at peace in Me.  I will carry you through this day.  As many slumber, you rise to meet Me, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  I am more than enough to meet all your needs.  I am able to provide for you, do not be alarmed no matter what comes your way.  I will take care of you.  You are strong in Me My little one.  The lives of many are weighing in the balance, so many are going the wrong way.  So many do not know their way home.  I will expose more lies to wake them up to the danger they are in.  There is no more time.  You must stay awake, be alert, be on guard now at all times.  Do not be deceived by the subtle lies of the enemy.  You are mine and I will come for you as I said I would.  Do not doubt My Words.  Stand strong in Me.  I shall deliver you and wipe away all your fears.  Much is going to happen soon, for the hammer has been ready to strike by My hand.  I shall soon shake everything that can be shaken.  Enter thou into My rest, and do not leave My side, even for a moment now.  I am going to unleash many impossible things upon your earth now.  BRACE yourself, you shall have to endure many cruel sights, but it shall not come nigh you for you are sheltered and protected in Me.  Be strong and know that nothing is happening that I have not ordained and allowed.  I have My reasons.  I know these hearts, they are hard and stiff necked peoples who need a serious wake up call.  They will be awakened by truly impossible things.  To My true believers I say Do not fear these nightmares coming into your reality, for they are not for you.  They are for the children of disobedience.   Know this, My Beloveds much is coming on your earth that shall be hard to believe it's real with you natural mind, but I have told you ahead of time and I have secured your mind to withstand these things.  You are sealed and set apart, I have marked you, in your foreheads by My own finger.  You shall not be harmed.  Pray for your family and I shall bring them under your covering so they shall not be harmed.  I shall deal with each of your family members individualy.  If they shall heed My voice and instructions it shall go well with them.  If they shall not heed My voice and instructions it shall not go well with them.  All are called to go through the furnace of affliction and testing.  You have already been in this furnace with Me and you are shining and golden.  Everyone must be purified, cleansed, and sanctified.  No one shall escape this.  It is well with your soul My little one.  Have no fear.  I am here.  I will protect My own.

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