Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 25, 2014

My son was born to bring all of My creation back to Me and under My Dominion.  I want all to be living out their divine purpose in Me.  All will have to choose for themselves to live for me or against Me.  The earth has never left me willingly and since the curse it has cried out day and night for Me to rescue it and change it back to how it was when I created it.  The animals, the birds, the fish in the sea cry out to Me to come and save them and restore the earth.  The heavens are not silent and cry out to Me to come and change them back.  So, no more wait, no more lengthy pauses.  I come,  I will restore My earth and set it free from it's captivity and curse.  It shall once again sing to me in love and worship Me for all I have done for it.  The animals, birds and fish will once again talk to each other and they shall talk to mankind.  They shall sing of My praises.  The heavens shall once again resound with heavenly music.  I love all of My creation and they love Me.  I shall help them and renew them.  Man now shall see Me in all of My Glory, Strength, Power and Might.  They shall all know that I am the I AM, the MOST HIGH, the ONLY ONE as I reveal Myself there shall be no doubt to anyone who I am, the veil shall be lifted once and for all.  I am God and there is no other.  My hand shall move across the land from one end to the other.  Behold, child I come.  Stay Ready.

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