Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 26, 2014

This is our time together.  I look forward to spending time with you.  Read My word, fill up on Me today.  My word brings light and truth to you.  Keep yourself full on My oil.  Keep your lamp trimmed keep yourself focused on Me.  I am all you need.  I enjoyed watching you love yesterday.  Make more of your prayers out loud.  I want you to change the atmosphere.  I want to move through you and change the atmosphere.  As you breathe out the words I will endue them with power.  Your words will be a creative life force to bring about change in other people and their circumstances.  I will bring many others into My Kingdom through your prayers.  you must pray as I lead you and pray much in the spirit as you go about your daily activities.  You are only allowed to release your tongue in prayer.  I have set a bridle on your tongue, that you will not sin against Me.  I have heard your prayers and examined your heart and I have forgiven you.  You are favored and loved, for you judge yourself and quickly repent for sins as My Ruach HaKodesh chastises and corrects.  You have a soft and malleable heart one that is putty in My hands.  I do not need to use a whip with you for you are yielded to me and sensitive to My instructions and corrections.  Each day you live, you live in Me now.  I will always be here with you.  I will always guide and correct you.  As long as you yield to Me you will never stray off of My path.  But, if you do stray; I will speak, prod, and yes even whip you back if necessary.  But I do not need to use a whip on you My child, for you are yielded.  I am secure in our relationship that you will never stray from Me.  You My little one need to Trust Me in everything.  I am here.  Do not fear.  You are a city on a hill.  Many shall come to you and find peace and rest in Me, for you shall point and guide them to Me.  As I send them you shall know them, for they shall speak and ask you questions about Me.  You shall not worry about what you will say to them.  For as you open your mouth I shall fill it.  I love you My child.  You are My gentle, quiet dove.  My peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you.  I will give My peace to all of My children who choose to dwell in Me and Rest in My provision.  My presence doesn't leave any of you.  I am here.  You must press into Me and My provision shall come.  you must TRUST and not doubt that I will protect you all and provide for you.  Take refuge in Me, under the power of My son's name "Jesus", under the shadow of My wings is where you shall abide.  Come away with Me often into a quiet place of rest.  In the quiet, in the stillness, you shall find Me if you seek to find Me.  You must quiet yourself on the inside as well as the outside and invite Me to come to you and reveal to you who I am.  This is how you seek Me.  But you must come on your own.  No one will do this for you.  This is My requirement I want one on one time with you.  Be patient, Be still, and ask Me to come and then Wait.  You must seek Me with your whole heart.  Do not be distracted for I shall surely come.  As you come before Me to hear.  I will speak, I speak in many ways.  You must be willing to hear Me.  In the stillness you shall hear, as you begin to hear, I shall train your ear to hear Me clearly, you shall know My voice and be able to distinguish it from other voices.  As you spend time with Me you shall know Me.  Then you shall be able to hear Me clearly in a crowd, in chaos, in any situation.  But you must seek Me out.  My word is also a guide for you.  Read it, let it sink deeply into your being.  The more My word is etched into your heart, the clearer I become.  I AM here, find Me now so I can help you.  I an not far off.  I am near .  But you must seek Me for yourself.  I an the Truth and the Light.  I will be found by all who truly seek Me out.  Come, come away with Me to a quiet place of rest.  It is to your own personal benefit that you find Me. 

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