Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 3, 2014

My child, do not forsake our time together in the mornings.  You cannot afford to be at discord with Me in this late hour.  I am here for you.  I desire to fellowship and commune one on one with you.  You are mine, and I must come first.  Do not forsake Me in this critical time.  As you draw close to Me, I strengthen thee and endue you with My power to endure the challenges you shall face this day.  Do not allow the cares of this world, or the pain in your body to cause you to break fellowship with Me.  I am your source of strength, I am your source of hope.  I am all in all to you.  You must endeavor to remain in close fellowship with Me.  There are many distractions that will come your way each and every day on earth.  Now, more than ever they shall come for they know your name, they know you are precious and dear to Me and they will do whatever they can to draw you away from me.  Their goal is to cut off your power source.  Which is your one on one fellowship with Me.  They know you are mine.  They will try to take your life, but I shall protect your every breathe.  They will try to take your families lives.  This is why you are one of My Watchman on the wall.  You shall not let your guard down and you will keep the guard with your prayers.  Your prayers are a protective hedge, a shield for your family, loved ones, friends and country.  As you yield to Me and allow Me to guide you in prayer you are covering them in a protective shield.  I Am the I AM.  I will always protect you.  Your family must come to Me on their own for this is what I require from each life.  But for your sake they are protected and sheltered by Me.  They are all mine, but they are asleep.  They must wake up.  Keep praying for them to each wake up and realize the hour they are in.  It is not business as usual anymore.  I see each one.  I read each heart.  I know who desires to draw close to Me.  I know My truth seekers, for they are the fiery coals of My Ruach HaKodesh.  My sleepers are content with embers.  Some must go through the fire of testing and trials for the pull of this world to be broken.  For some much testing is needed to cut the cords of desire for this world.  But for you, My dear one, you desire Me and will follow Me for you are drawn to Me as your breath is tethered to My heart.  Breathe in, Breathe out, you are mine, I live in you and nothing can separate you from Me.  I know My own and they know Me.  My Beloved you are strong in Me.  For every time you come and wait upon Me you become stronger.  This will be your strongest year in prayer.  Many shall be delivered, have breakthroughs, and awaken because of your prayers.  I shall protect all that you pray for.  They shall not die, they shall live and have many testimonies of miraculous deliverance's, protection, and provision.  Get a separate journal and start tracking your prayers today.  Much shall be done in prayer.  You My Bride shall have an open heaven to me for you shall pray My Will for others, not for riches or for fame but for all to come, come to Me and live.  Come to Me and hear, come to Me and find peace and rest that only I can give.  My Father has given Me the keys to the Kingdom and I desire to share My Kingdom with all of My dear children.  But, they must come, one on one to Me.  They must desire Me above all else.  For I must be First.  I must be King over the heart, for out of the heart the mouth speaks and out flows the issues of life.  When I am King of the Heart, I cleanse, I correct, I teach, I guide, and when My Heart (children of Mine) speaks, it has a force and a creative power to restore, replenish and recreate.  My Adams are about to receive My creative power as they release their words into the Atmosphere.  Rejoice for your King is here within you and I shall do great things through all My yielded vessels.  For I know you by name and I have much in store for each of My yielded hearts.

DREAM:  I was at a graduation and I was the girlfriend of the boy graduating.  I was in bed under the covers and did not want to get ready for the graduation until I had to.  Basically waiting till the last minute.  I got up out of bed, because it was almost time for my boyfriends name to be called.  I went into the bathroom to get ready.  I was in a stall putting on panty hose and there was a hole and a run in the hose near the bottom and everyone would see it, for I knew I was going to wear a dress.  I took the hose off and realized it was two pair, so I put the good pair with no runs on.  Then I came out of the stall and was wearing a red dress.  I was doing my make up in the mirror and then I thought they had called his name on stage.  I went out and realized I had missed his graduation name announcement and he would be sad and disappointed.  I went to find him and his old girlfriend was there and I thought they were together again.  So I did not approach.  This girl came, I think in a cream or white dress and handed me a chain and said he wanted me to have this, as I examined the chain (it was sliver, on the bottom were two wedding bands ) as I was looking at them, they were rose gold colored.  I thought they were beautiful.  Then I whispered to a young man that he needed to talk to his girlfriend.  I asked his girlfriend is she knew what this meant, she said yes but she needed to talk to her boyfriend first.  The two of them went to a private booth and were talking privately.  He came back saying "yes, yes, yes, she said yes"...I knew she wanted to get to know him better before they got married, she liked him but wanted to know him better.  I was very happy for both of them.
Then I woke up.

Meaning of Dream:

We do not have much time left.  We must come willingly to the Lord and get to know Him personally, He is ready for us, but some of us are not ready for Him.  If we are not ready we shall miss our opportunity. 

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