Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hearing God - February 19, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Peace, peace I speak to you child, shhh, be still in My presence.  I SHALL heal your child, she shall be made well and strong, do not worry or fret over her.  Rest in Me, My dear one.

Beloved, I am surrounding the earth and her atmosphere with My presence.   For there are many voices trying to distract My beloved children from Resting and Trusting in Me.  Oh, My dear ones, do not listen to the noise of this world, there are many voices, but, you must focus your attention on My voice.

You must train your ear to hear Me above the noise of the land.  Many are fearful now, for they are listening to the voices crying out among them from the T.V., from the radio, from the Internet, many are fearful of what they are hearing, seeing and experiencing.  But, I tell you the Truth, all who Trust in Me shall not need to fear, for I shall shelter you, I shall dislodge all fear from My little ones, for fear is trespassing on holy ground.

I have sealed you, My beloveds.  The days indeed are growing in darkness and violence is invading the land.  But, Remember, I am here, I walk among you and I live in you.  You shall face nothing alone.  For I shall be with you in every difficulty.

No fear, beloveds, No fear, draw nearer to Me when you are troubled.  Allow Me to dissipate your fear and strengthen your courage.  Be bold now, dear ones, Rise up and cast off the fearful thoughts.  Shut off the radios, T.V., and Internet, if it is invoking fear into you.

Sing of My nearness, sing of My goodness, sing of My name.  Let your thoughts be drawn and linger on whatsoever things are good, and kind and loving.  Let your mind dwell on these things.  Spend your time soaking in these thoughts.  Perspective is everything, let your mind rise to a higher perspective, My dear ones.

I have already gained the victory in all things for you.  Think on this, and drink deeply from My well. Read something inspired by Me.  Write something inspired by Me.

Be purposeful in your thoughts, at all times, day, night, working, or sleeping, let your mind drift back to Me, keep Me in your focus.  I am not far from any of you.  Believe and you will see.

Much reflection now is needed to bring you back into My peace.  When you find yourself anxious, pressured or stressed, these are red flags, warning sirens to you, for I am meek and humble, kind and loving, and oh so gentle and patient with each of you.  I am quiet, I do not need to shout.  I do not control you with anger or accusations, no, that is not My way.

You can recognize the voices of the world by paying attention to what they are saying to you.  Are they yelling?  Are they pressuring you to perform?  Are they rushing you?  Are they condemning you?  There are many voices.  Are they telling you that you are better than others?  Are they telling you to harm others or use others to make it better for you?

You must discern My voice, for I do not speak this way.  Lean on Me for discernment.  I will lead you down the path of Truth.

Little ones, speak My name "Jesus" for in so doing, it will call forth good to you and expel evil.  For I have been given the name above all names.  Speak My name, let My name be upon your lips, speak of Me, one to another.

Plead My blood upon your door posts and your lintels, upon your cars, and your bodies, upon your finances and your properties, upon your neighborhoods and streets, upon your stores and food and water supplies.  Plead My blood upon your families and your animals.  My blood has protective power.  My blood is fresh and new and never loses it's power.  Remember, life is in the blood.

Beloveds, I need you to pay attention to these words, heed My instructions and live in My abundant peace.  As the world is in chaos, My children shall have abundant peace.


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