Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hearing God - February 14, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, many are not paying attention to the times they are living.

But, you, My dear one, see Me clearly, for you are looking, watching, seeking Me, listening for My voice.  Straining to hear Me in the night.  But, My little one, you know I am not far from you.  I am here with you.  As you draw close to Me, I draw close to you.

me:  What do you want to tell me?

Lord:  Wait upon Me, beloved.  Be content to just wait, patiently waiting is humbling and shows Me your true heart.  If you are not patient in waiting you are not humbly submitting to My will.

 I do not rush, I am ever present and methodical in My ways.  My thoughts are not chaotic, but, on the contrary, they are well thought out and reasoned.  There is a method and a purpose to everything I do.

  I shall not be rushed, no, those that have learned to stop, be still, slow down, and wait shall be rewarded in My perfect plan and timing.  I shall not forget anyone, or leave out a single detail in My plan.

 I am an analyzer and a co-ordinator.  I set into motion.  I oversee and I observe all.  I also hear everything, even the things that are said in secret.  For there are no secrets hidden from Me.  I know all.  I hide many things from you, and reveal some things to each of you, who are seeking to know My heart.

I know who is truly seeking Me, to know Me, and I know those who are seeking to know Me and My ways to try to manipulate Me for their own profane desires.  I cannot be tricked by the tricksters.  I shall not and cannot be ensnared in your traps.  It is foolishness in the hearts of man who devise plans to use Me for their own plans and purposes. I am not a puppet or a puppeteer.

I watch over each of you, and I am recording each life as it is lived out before Me.  For you all shall give an account of what you each did with the life I have freely given each of you.


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