Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hearing God - February 17, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

I communicate with My creation.  As My creation comes to recognize Me, I can be heard more clearly.

 Beloved, think it not strange that you can hear Me.  For I have drawn you into My chambers, I have captured your heart, and you, My dear one, can hear Me clearly, for I have opened your ears.

 I am now opening all of your spiritual senses.

Your eyes will be able to see more into the spiritual world.

 I will also allow you to smell and taste heaven, in the same way that you can smell bitterness and strife and other ungodly spirits when you come near them.

 There is much to learn now, My beloveds.  For the battle is upon you and you will need to discern what is good and what is evil.

 This is why I would draw you close, under My wings, so that you would not be distracted from this narrow road with Me, walking together and conversing side by side, day by day.

 Oh, My child, My dear ones, enter in now, learn of Me and My ways, beloveds, I am not the one who is distant.

  Stop, be still, and look to Me now, seek Me and My guidance now.  Do not allow yourselves to become distracted and drawn away from this narrow road you are on with Me.

 For no one can pluck you from My hand, but, you can easily choose to detour off of My path.  Be careful, for many have gone astray and lost their way, and they are running out of time to make their way back to Me.

 Change is here.  Much change is at the door.  You cannot pretend you do not see it, for in so doing, you are deceiving yourselves.

 I am equipping My yielded vessels now.  Will you be counted among them?


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