Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 21,2013

I am here child.  Listen to the wind, the quiet, gentle, wind.  Their chimes sound out softly that I am here.  I love the tinkling sound of the chimes.  i love the smell of the earth in the morning, so fresh and pungent.  I am coming child, stay close to Me.  I am your hope, and your comfort.  The days ahead shall move quickly now.  Much is about to be unleashed.  Remember, I am in the three days of darkness.  i am with you.  The three days of darkness is the sign of Jonah.  As he was in the belly of the whale for three days, so, I shall plunge the whole earth into three days of darkness, I will send a cataclysmic sign before it happens and then you are to go home, get into your houses and do not look outside or go outside for three days.  Anoint your houses and anoint yourselves, pray and repent before Me.  I am in the darkness.  What you are looking for you shall find.  If your eye is full of light you shall find light.  If your eye is full of darkness you shall find it too.  Whatever you look for and focus upon you shall find it.  You must be pure and holy to find Me.  I come and abide in earthen vessels.  All who seek Me for TRUTH shall find Me.  I am all powerful, I see everything, I miss nothing.  Nothing is beyond My reach.  DO NOT LIMIT ME.  Remember, I am out of the box, follow My lead, day by day, moment by moment.  You are never alone, I am here.

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