Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 14, 2013

Hello Beautiful, My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow.  I want you to record carefully every word I tell you to no your blog these messages are not just for you.   They are to draw others to Me.  I want My lost sheep to return to Me.  They are precious to Me and I am not willing to lose them.  I am a forgiving and merciful God, I will forgive and cleanse all who come to Me with a repentant heart.  i call all my lost sheep to come, come back to Me, I am the only one that can save them from what is coming upon the earth.  men have never seen what is about to transpire upon this earth.  If they want to be good then they shall continue to be good.  If they want to be bad and continue to be bad then they shall be given the desires of their hearts.  It is  to late for some.  But not for others.  Each life is timed out by Me, for some I shall require their lives today and there shall be no more time of grace left to repent and let Me cleanse and change them.  I will thrust all who do not come to Me with a repentant heart into hell.  Hell is real, just as demons and angels are real.  Do not fear.  Cast aside all fear and rely solely on Me, your Lord and Savior, your King and Almighty God, your Beloved Bridegroom.  I alone shall protect you.  I alone shall shelter all who come to Me and repent.  I know every heart for after all I have created each one. Your life is in My hands.  You are on the path I have laid out for you.  I am on this path with you, I lead the way and you follow behind Me step by step.  Keep praying for your family, Keep praying for the lost, keep praying for the lukewarm church.  I have much to say through you, My little one.  You are one of My messengers in these last days, soon all hope shall b e gone, soon all love shall be cloaked in darkness.  Many can hear Me now, many can feel me now, but soon that will be cloaked in darkness.  Men will only seek Me by seeking My beloved children, like you My child, My children shall lead them to Me.  I shall no longer speak to the lost, the lukewarm, the backslider.  I shall turn away from them and focus all My attention on My Bride, for these are My first fruits from My garden.  These choice ones are My Elect, My Vessels of Honor to be used mightily in these last days.  They shall do mighty exploits for Me.  They shall set the captives free.  They shall shine.  They shall have peace, where everyone else has pain.  They shall have plenty, where everyone else will have lack.  They shall have light, where everyone else shall have darkness.  I dwell and abide in them.  They shall have no fear.  They shall go forth as I lead.  You are one of these chosen vessels of honor to Me.  You are My Beloved dove, gentle and kind.  You are My Bride and you have nothing to fear.  REST in Me.  PEACE be unto you My dear one.  For the hour is last and much calamity is coming upon the earth.  In the midst of chaos, be still, BE STILL and know that I Am God and I Am Here, and I will always protect you.  Keep your heart pure.  Guard your gates.  Let no evil pass.  Rest in Me now.  Wait patiently upon Me, My little one.  Keep coming daily to meet with Me.  For as you wait upon Me you are filled with My oil.  Your resting place is in Me, My dear one.  There is nothing for you to fear.  Nothing shall by any means have have you.  You shall see many horrors come to pass in your land and nation and world.  you are called to stand and witness these things as they unfold.  You are like a watchman on the wall.  You shall see much and have to endure much before I come.  Truly I come, Behold your Lamb, your Rock, your Deliverer is here with you.  I  am yours and you are mine and nothing can separate you from Me.  We shall live together forever soon.  But for now TRUST in My plan.  I will provide for all your needs.  Don not fear My little one.  I am here.  I love you and will always take care of My own.  You are Mine!  

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