Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 11, 2013

I am here child.  My love for you knows no bounds.  You are precious to Me.  I look forward to spending this time with you.  To put Me first in your day, shows Me your heart.  To focus on me and free yourself from the distractions of this world takes practice, humility and patience.  A humble heart is a beautiful thing to Me.  In every seeker I come and deposit a gift.  I desire to know each one.  I desire for each one to personally now Me.  In Me is peace.  The world is shifting sand, but in Me is stability and peace.  my heart longs to know each one of My children, but they must choose for themselves to seek Me out and find Me for themselves.  I come to every true seeker.  Abiding with Me and in Me gives strength.  There is a steadying hand for the trembling heart.  I am near to the broken hearted.  Call out to Me and I will make myself known to you.  I come to set the captive free.  I examine every heart.  I chasten and correct those who are mine.  you are all to be changed into My image and likeness.  Through the purging there is cleansing and healing.  Yield to Me.  Allow Me to move freely in you and remove all the dross and impurities with My refining fire.  Behold My little one I am here, yield.  Focus on Me throughout your day.  

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