Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 13, 2013

I will always be here for you.  For you are My beloved dove.  You are eager to come and wait for Me.  I alone am your God.  There is no other that has captured your heart.  This pleases Me My child this pleases Me.  Many will die soon, prepare yourself.  Much will be happening to and on your planet in the coming days.  I will use you to reach the lost for Me.  I will protect you from all harm.  I will shelter you under My wing.  Do not fear what you see happening all around you.  I am in it.  It is My own doing, no man can see Me and live.  All must be Holy, for I am Holy.  My Kingdom comes now.  I will reign in Holiness.  All shall be Holy before Me.  I shall rebuild this earth and I shall renew and rebuild My people.  I alone created this earth and I alone created man.  I am the Creator of everything.  I needed Np help.  I Am all powerful.  I can take all life away.  But I Am Not Willing to  destroy My creation.  I instead will Make My abode here with you and all of My true children.  I again will create a new world, full of LOVE and My Glory.  Each one of mankind is special to Me.  I desire to have fellowship with each one.  I cal and I call but they do not heed My voice, or follow My instruction.  Behold, I come in the darkness, cloaked and hidden.  I will speak to each heart.  I will examine each one.  You will see many things come to pass on earth.  You will see many impossible things going on.  You will see aliens doing signs and wonders.  There is much horror and destruction coming.  But do not fear, you are one of My witnesses, one of My Martyrs.  You shall see much with your own eyes.  But do not fear.  I have told you these things are coming before they come to pass so that you shall not fear.  So that you shall remain steadfast and strong in Me.  Secure in My protection.  You shall look and see much, but it shall not harm you.  You shall be strong in the evil day.  you shall be one of My Mighty, Victorious, Overcomers in these last days.  I shall use you mightily to increase My Kingdom. your life is a testimony of who I am.  In you, upon you, and through you.  Many see me and feel Me when they interact with you.  It's Me in you they see and feel.  Light dispells darkness.  Not everyone will like you or respect you, expect that child.  you shall be rejected and murmured about as i was.  The people who love to sin and live in darkness are beginning to see a great light in you.  My light will be seen in My yielded earthly vessels.  The dark side knows your name and has tried to take you out many times, but I would not let them.  I was there each time with you, My warring angels are centered and stationed all around you to watch over and protect you.  You are My beloved dove, a gentle lamb whom I dearly dearly love and I will always protect you.  You are sealed in Me.  You are My Bride and you are Brave and Strong and shall do many, many exploits in My name, and in My Power.  I shall infuse you with the Holy Spirit and you shall follow Me out into the battle and recover My lost sheep.  I shall do many impossible things through you.  I shall transport you as I did Phillip.  Stay strong in Me My dove.  Stay close to Me.  Pray, Pray, Pray for the lost and the Lukewarm church.  Behold, I come for the lost.  But, it will not go well for the lukewarm, so pompous and arrogant, they think they know Me, they think I am pleased with them, BUT I AM NOT.  I shall deal with each one.  I have given them much time to repent and come back to Me.  I have called and I have called, but they do not listen.  How can anyone who has come to Me as a sinner and allowed Me to cleanse them of their sin, willingly return to their vomit and once again partake and eat of sin.  Surely this is an abomination and ought not to be.  There is much evil in the pulpits now.  Much darkness and deception, vile men do vile things in the name of God, and think that I will bless and be pleased with them, NO I WILL NOT.  Behold, I Am Holy,m I Am Pure, I Am Kind, I Am Might, I Am All Powerful, I Am Strong.  I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me out, true seekers are humbled in My presence, My true followers and children are kind, and Holy and walk in Awe and Wonder of Me their creator.  I am Magnificent and Awe inspiring to them and I shall live with them forever.  But, to the lukewarm, they are full of pride and self-centeredness.  They are not willing to be corrected and they refuse to change and become like Me.  So, I will leave them in their vomit.  These are the ones who will say "Lord, Lord, didn't we do this and that in your name.", and I WILL SAY "Depart, from Me you sinful vomit eaters, you workers of iniquity, you have refused My correction and chastisements, you have refused to yield to Me and change, so I do not know you, Depart from Me !".  All must be willing to change and be transformed into My image and likeness.  All must change.  Behold, I Am in the CHANGE !!!

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