Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 20, 2013

My child, you are faithful.  I Love you.  You are My treasure and soon we will be together forever.  Lo not fear.  Follow Me day by day, moment by moment.  I reveal different things to different servants.  No one knows everything I'm doing.  No man will know everything.  Only I know how My plan will unfold.  Only I know the beginning from the end, only I know everything.  DO NOT fear what you hear.  Prepare to be astounded and amazed at what is about to transpire in your life.  Our life together is going to b e an adventure of a lifetime.  Remember, no matter what starts to happen around you, My beloved, I Am here.  I will protect you.  TRUST Me child.  Nothing is going to happen to you that I don't allow.  Good and evil come from Me.  No power, No spirit, nothing, absolutely nothing is above Me.  I am the head of all things.  My story is unfolding now.  Steady child, remain strong in Me, stay close.  You are My chosen vessel in these last days.  I will use you mightily in these last days.  Believe Me child, My words are truth.  You live day by day in Me, and that is where you gain your strength.  I am Alpha and Omega, I will do as I please.  I will favor whom I please.  You, My child please Me with your constant coming.  You are secure in Me.  You do not waiver or doubt Me.  Your understanding of Me is enlarging.  Stay with Me child.  I am removing the limiting bands of religion that you grew up in.  I am out of the box so to speak.  I will reveal Myself to My chosen vessels first.  Then I will expose Myself to the rest of mankind.  You must throw away all of your false images of Me and what will happen in the last days.  For what you have learned is wrong.  Remember you see through the glass darkly.  You do not have complete understanding.  I will teach you.  I alone am your teacher.  Come with all of your questions and let us reason together.  There is a time for everything and a season for everything.  Now is the season of change.  I will shake the earth.  I will gather My elect.  I will punish mankind who is stubborn and hard hearted.  I will destroy every living thing on earth.  Behold, I have already started, and then when My wrath has cleared.  I and I alone will make all things new.  You shall see the Tree of Life and taste of its fruit, you My Bride, My Elect are in for a beautiful awakening.  You shall be blessed every moment now.  You shall see Me face to face.  You are to observe now.  Look carefully at all that is going on around you day by day.  I am here.  I have opened your eyes to see Me clearly.  I am here.  I am all around you, My Beloved.  My gentle dove, I am in you.  We shall never be parted.  Remain strong and steadfast in Me.  I am you shelter.  I am your peace.  Stay close My love, abide in Me.

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